Photo: V. Slotto

Photo: V. Slotto

a Self-Portrait

The process of oxidation takes time.
Today the scent of Mother’s silver polish
transports me back to 1957
when I was yet untarnished.

My task in these, my later years—
rediscover the original patina
without losing the texture.

Brian’s prompt over at dVerse sent my mind into overdrive. He asks us to write a self-portrait. I was looking for something metaphoric and today, when cleaning out the kitchen I uncovered these silver grapefruit spoons…and glass polish she used to use for silverware. I can’t wait to see where others have taken this prompt. I hope you’ll join us.

Clothes–dVerse Poetics, the Photography of Phyllis Galembo

Photo:Phyllis Galembo affanwan-masquerade

Photo:Phyllis Galembo


some people chose clothes
to express who they are.
other dress in such a way
so as to seem like everyone else.

think of how much money
we would save
if adam and eve hadn’t screwed
things up for us.

on the other hand, consider
of the impact on the GNP.

colors reflect mood.
are people who wear black and white
those who choose blue, blue?
and what of gray?

if the whole world
went clothing optional,
some of us
would need ironing.

A late submission for Tony’s prompt for dVerse Poetics using the photography of Phyllis Galembo. National Poetry Month, Day 16. 

Photo used with permission. All rights reserved, Phyllis Galembo

a lesson learned after many years of living

a tenWord



sand still clouds our valley
blocking the serene mountain view

later, winds settle down
blue skies break through once again

i’m stuck inside, emptying cupboards
boxing up kitchen for remodel

walking dogs i drink in color
and breath new air

but November’s green grass is turning
drought-dry brown

if i don’t expect perfection
life’s still full, beautiful

blood moon tomorrow early, morning
no doubt i will awaken.

I wrote this for National Poetry Month Day 14. Brian, over at dVerse tickled my muse with his tenWord form. Quite fun.

Monday Meanderings–Holy Week and Passover

Image: Milton Knox

Image: Milton Knox

In the Christian tradition, yesterday was Palm Sunday, the beginning of a week in which the passion and death of Jesus is observed, culminating in Easter Sunday. Likewise, in Judaism, Monday opens the celebration of Passover.



In both traditions, the underlying theme is freedom…freedom from bondage, either that of our own personal inadequacy or that imposed by an outside force—in the case of Christianity, redemption from sin and in Judaism, deliverance from captivity in Egypt.

Whether taken as sacred truth or metaphor, the reality for all—believers and non-believers alike—is that few are totally free of enslavement of one sort or another. Just reflect upon the wide variety of addictions that plague society, poverty, government control, unhealthy relationships, physical limitations—the list is boundless.

This may be a good week, whether we ascribe to a religious worldview or not, to evaluate what is holding us back from becoming whole, fulfilled human beings. Is there one step within our power, one step each of us can take to become free in body, mind, spirit or emotion?


Population Control

Photo: D. Slotto

Photo: D. Slotto

The day they hatched,
we counted eleven.
Golfers halted play as Mama
led them from the water
to the safety of their nest
beneath thorny Bougainvillea.

The following evening
a hawk took up residence
in the leafy orange tree
between our houses.

And then there was none.


National Poetry Month, Day 12