What Inspires Your Poetry?

Yesterday, I submitted fourteen poems that I wrote during the month of November for Robert Lee Brewer’s daily chapbook contest. As I think back about the process, I’m able to identify the source of the majority of the poems.

Each morning I reviewed Robert’s prompt and let it simmer. Then when Reno’s chill gave way to mid-day sun, the dogs, the husband and I ventured out for our daily walk. We’re blessed to live in the Sierra foothills. Our near-rural neighborhood is settled a block from the Truckee river as it makes its way from Tahoe to Pyramid Lake.

The month of November witnessed the transistion from brilliant splashes of Autumn to the stark barreness of Winter. As we walked by the river, nature offered her inspiration, often only as an opening line. Later in the day it seemed the poem wrote itself.

A clear theme of dying emerged–reflective, I suppose, of the change of seasons and my years of work with death and dying.

I’d love to know what influences your writing. Would you be willing to share?

Your comment and feedback are important to me. Thank you.

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