Writer Support

If you’re expecting to read about grants…that’s not what I’m thinking about. I’m considering ways we can encourage one another in our creative goals and help one another emerge from the loneliness of writing.

Here are just a few:
◙ Read and critique manuscripts, join critique groups
◙ Visit other writing blogs, comment when you can
◙ Recommend good books/authors/websites/blogs
◙ Attend book signings, buy books
◙ Suggest agents that you run across in your searches if they are a
fit for your writing buddy, or refer them to your agent
◙ Offer writing prompts

Any others?

One thought on “Writer Support

  1. Hi Victoria,
    What a great post, full of so much good information.
    Have you considered changing the number of posts showing per page (at the Dashboard, Settings, Reading)? This makes it so much easier to see/find what you written.


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