How to Avoid Writing

While writing is an art that must be developed by practice and study, the art of avoidance when it comes to putting the word on paper seems to come naturally. We all have our favorite tricks, don’t we?

Today social networking sites can swallow up our time. Now and again, on Facebook, I get sucked in to quizzes, chats, searches and snooping on friends. But that’s not my particular  downfall. Blog-hopping can be a problem, too, though I find that my primary goals in blogging are to put “it” out there and to do research. That’s part of the business, isn’t it?

Another technique is to fill up that social calendar. I have a hard time when it comes to just saying “no” and letting people know I have to work that day.

But for me, the biggest temptation is environmental. I’m obsessive-compulsive about my surroundings and seem to need to have everything in it’s place and sparkling clean before I can settle down at the computer and hack out a few words. Having a family (disclaimer: my family consists of a husband and two young dogs) doesn’t make it any easier.

The solution for me has been to create a writing space. Here in the desert, I’ve finally found a corner I can control. It needs to be neat, clean and comfortable…aesthetically pleasing in everyway. And so, here I am…not in that space, I’m in the den. I look around and see scattered dog toys, beading supplies, open closet door with piles of books and other things that should be kept hidden, and two dogs with the saddest eyes, pleading for a walk. Guess I’ll go get the leashes.


4 thoughts on “How to Avoid Writing

  1. claudia says:

    smiles… a walk with the dog can be quite inspirational – i don’t like to really sit down in a quiet place when i want to write – seems that my brain works better the more tohuwabohu is around me…smiles


  2. Mary says:

    Ha, my dogs always implore me for walks as well. But I do think that those of us with dogs DO owe them some kind of prioriity. You mentioned Facebook, but not Facebook games. I am definitely hooked on Candy Crush!! Don’t go there….smiles.


  3. marjnhomer says:

    so true. thats how i felt today..


  4. Beth says:

    I love to read the things that you write! I can hardly wait for your book to be published. What a dilight that will be!!!



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