Poem: “Alternate Uses for a Steak Knife”

Alternate Uses for a Steak Knife

I know better
than to dig blindly
in the tool box.

The knife—
sharp as it was
the day he died

ten years ago.
A bit of rust next
to the handle

crusted with dirt.
I can see him

beside the Sago
Palm, uprooting
stubborn weeds,

opening boxes,
slicing through
years of crap

to get at truth.
Then he would
sharpen the blade.

Listen carefully,
hear the song
of steel meeting flint.

That last time,
could he guess that
I would bleed?

Re=posted 6/15/13–forgot I had this one about my “third” father. I’m linking it to a prompt I posted Monday 6/10/13 for Father’s Day. Join us if you like.


2 thoughts on “Poem: “Alternate Uses for a Steak Knife”

  1. How beautiful, Victoria. A tool-box full of memories, some too sharp.


  2. brian miller says:

    what an interesting memory to attach to him…makes me think of my great uncle a bit as he would oft sharpen the tools he used for wood working…the summer i spent caring for him…


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