Monday Morning Writing Prompt–FLash Fiction

I’ve come to realize that for a good part of the world, Monday morning has already come and gone. Next week I will begin to post these prompts late Sunday so that those of you not in the Pacific time zone can use them earlier in the day.

Flash fiction is a fun genre to work with. It challenges your ability to write tightly, to eliminate extraneous words and present a terse plot in a maximum of 1000 words or less. To be effective you’ll want to choose active verbs and descriptive nouns. This will allow you to use minimal adjectives and adverbs. Don’t forget, your still need a story arc: beginning, middle and ending.

Today, try writing a short piece of flash fiction of 100 words or fewer using this opening line:

The sunrise was brilliant that morning. Such an odd day for them to…

If you like, post your work in comments and I will show you what I come up with later in the week.

Have fun. Enjoy the process!

Your comment and feedback are important to me. Thank you.

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