Monday Morning Writing Prompt–August 23,2010

Well, it’s started. In the background, our TV rumbles with the roar of the crowd watching the 49’ers play the Vikings in a pre-season performance. Football season is here.

I’m a secondary football fan. That is to say, I sit with my husband as he watches the games, but my primary activity is usually knitting, beading, reading or even writing. I’ll give my full attention to instant replays when David tells me “Take a look at this,” and from time-to-time I’ll even watch most of the game. I know enough about the sport to be conversant, to recognize teams and major players and understand some strategy and calls made (or missed) by the officials.

For this week’s prompt, use football in a short story, essay or poem or construct a football metaphor to convey an idea or emotion. Please, please share with us what you’ve come up with and I will do the same later in the week. Have fun with this one.

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Writing Prompt–August 23,2010

  1. davyssketchbook says:

    This is my attempt at writing something about football. It turned out completely different than what I first had in mind!


  2. Lisa says:

    Each fall my brothers practiced
    Punt, pass and kick
    Setting the tee in our yard
    Arranging the ball there with
    Engineering precision
    Backing up, staring it down
    Then running all out
    Arms pumping, the satisfaction of
    Boot against ball
    Their boy energy transferred
    To air and sky

    Each day after school
    They drew a line in the gravel
    On the rood to our house
    Cocked their arm back
    And threw the ball hard
    Watched it arc past elms
    Across telephone lines
    To land in a plume of dust
    The dirt road the perfect record
    Of mediocrity or progress

    Each Saturday they got up early
    Before chores or breakfast
    To hold that football before them
    Counting a rhythm in their heads
    Taking two steps back, dropping
    The ball, suspended, waiting
    I watched it all from my bedroom window
    Leather meeting leather
    The ball soaring
    And I envied them


  3. Lisa says:

    Oooooh, I’m eager to do this! I’ll be back in a day or two with something (not sure what yet). Thanks so much for these weekly prompts.


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