My Article Got Published

I just received notice that an article I wrote is published on Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agent’s blog. Hope you will stop by for a visit. The link is

My article is titled “Seven Things I’ve Learned So Far.” It’s a recurring column on this blog, hosted by Chuck Sambuchino, an editor at Writer’s Digest. It follows an interview with a new agent, Kerry Sparks, so you’ll need to scroll down.

Just an FYI, it was here that I found my agent, Kimberly Shumate. Hope you take a look and give me feedback if you would. I will post it in its entirety later this week, but would love to introduce you to this great blog.

12 thoughts on “My Article Got Published

  1. Dakshima says:

    keep up the good work.. 🙂


  2. saraflower says:

    It was a very helpful article! 🙂


  3. Polilla-Lynn says:

    Congratulations on a very good article. Well worth the read. 🙂


  4. miss peach says:

    I found the tip about letting our first draft gestate for a while very useful. I just completed my first draft last week, but have not approached it since. I was feeling a little anxious about that. But your tip assures me that it’s OK. The other item you mentioned about considering small successes was great. While my first draft is gestating, I am discovering fresh ideas, tidbits, etc. everyday. I relish those discoveries. They are part of my success. Thank you for your insight!


  5. Jingle says:

    I am thrilled for you…
    way to go,
    u add smiles to my face..


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