Poem: Never Forget–An Acrostic

911 Memorial

Image by Sister72 via Flickr

9/11/11:  Although I am on a “blogging break” until 9/27/11, I feel the need to share my work from a year ago with those of you visiting dVerse Poetics today. My prayer is for peace within and among us all.

Two weeks ago, the Monday Morning Writing Prompt invited you to write a poem, essay or… your thoughts on the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Events of tremendous significance like this impact every one of us, no matter where we live or our religious beliefs (or non-beliefs.) 911 has changed the world. I often find a certain amount of release in being able to write about emotionally charged news items. For example, I couldn’t sleep until I wrote about the Virginia Tech Massacre, a few years ago. But so far, I’ve avoided the topic of 911, so today I decided to face up to it. Usually my writing prompts will elicit a response or two, but this one didn’t. So here is my attempt. I chose an acrostic and tried to employ some loose meter and rhyme…not usually my thing.

This year the amount of controversy that has charged the anniversary of 911 has made me reflect more on the need to open our hearts to forgiveness and to be aware of the danger of extremism. Let us pray for peace and understanding among all.


N’one alive back then can e’er forget
Images of hate, destruction, death.
Night descended early in the day,
Endings slowly fluttered to the earth.

Enter, grace, but where is God?
Lasting darkness filled the hearts of all.
Even as we cower, wrapt in pain
Vestiges of fear enshroud us like a pall.
Each man dies a bit when hatred wins,
No one trumps when hearts embrace revenge.

Never will our world again be whole
Evoking God’s name to achieve man’s will,
Victorious only when the foe is down,
Emptying his blood and life into the ground,
Rendering death unto his very soul.

Father, forgive–they know not what they do.
Our God stands by to touch our brokenness.
Remember words of healing and of peace,
Go back, reclaim the power that is yours.
Eagles’ wings will lift your fear above the fray,
To yours and mine and ours bequeath this day.


31 thoughts on “Poem: Never Forget–An Acrostic

  1. Kodjo Deynoo says:

    Thank you for coming out with this, for breaking your time out to share such a wonderful piece with us and the world.


  2. CC Champagne says:

    Each man dies a bit when hatred wins

    That really hit home with me! Beautiful.


  3. libithina says:

    ‘invoking a god’ that seems to have vanished ~ captivating words Victoria ~ unreal today as it was then ~ Lib


  4. Bodhirose says:

    I’m glad you left your busy work for a time to share this, Victoria. I appreciate your sensitive words on this tough topic.


  5. lori says:

    this is beautiful, Victoria. i, too, have avoided writing about 9/11 until today. it’s just a place i didn’t want to go, but i’m glad i did. i’m glad you did, too 🙂


  6. Belinda says:

    A thoughtful acrostic. Amen to opening our hearts to forgiveness. Revenge is never the answer.


  7. I am happy that you came back from your blogging break and shared this. I do not live in America I live in French Polynesia Tahiti. I was born in America but have been gone for many years now. I stood and watched the TV in French and everything being translated so we all could understand what a terrible event had taken places in America. I was in shock and could not believe this was really happening.


  8. leslie says:

    thank you for sharing this again – i’m glad i got the chance to read it on this day of remembrance. it speaks well to the shared pain and fear, and offers, i think, a way to light and hope at the end of a dark tunnel…


  9. tashtoo says:

    Thank you Victoria! This was powerful…and I think the form added a punch that really helped to drive home the message. This was a touch one for me, as I’m sure it was for all…thought you approached it wonderfully, and loved your lead-in words as well.


  10. Cleverly portreyed and yes “where was god?” indeed. Thought provoking acrostic, thank you for sharing


  11. Emotionally vivid. I understand questioning the existence of a merciful god. Well written acrostic on a charged subject.


  12. claudia says:

    yes we should never forget…i much like that you have this like a statement, hewn in stone by putting it as the first letters of the poem..wishing you a good off-line time victoria


  13. Patricia says:

    i would have never thought of an acrostic… but you did this with finesse and truth.


  14. oceangirl says:

    I am reading how poets express and capture, the moment, the feeling. And yours is amazing. Thank you.


  15. ‘Night descended early in the day,
    Endings slowly fluttered to the earth.’

    You captured so many little glimpses that we saw on that day. Such beautiful words Victoria. A wonderful Acrostic.


  16. ayala says:

    Nice write…life will never be whole again….


  17. Aida Bode says:

    Hi Victoria, this is profound… the day is so alive in my memory. I remember when I got out of subway and saw the smoke arise at the end of 5th Avenue …


  18. Your writing never ceases to amaze me. This is one of the finer Acrostic poems I have read. The second stanza hit home for me. Truly, while I still have anger with the loss of that day, your poem reminds my heart to love. Thank you for this, I am finding this a difficult weekend with the memories of 9/11.


  19. How can one say the right words. There are none but, yours have paid a fitting tribute and with prayer for all those who passed that day.


  20. Beautifully done, Victoria. You echo my inchoate thoughts and feelings with a song that demands to be sung. Thank you.

    We are human, not God. We must remember, and we must be conscious at all times about both the light and the darkness within ourselves.


  21. David says:

    Victoria, there’s some real irony here. When God forgives our sins (you know this as a Catholic), it is as if those sins never happened. They are completely blotted out. The infinite, all-knowing God actually FORGETS our sins. It is the great mystery of God’s mercy. When we say “never forget” 9/11, have we really learned to forgive as God forgives?

    Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking poem.


  22. Laurie Kolp says:

    Victoria- I love this acrostic… especially FORGET… but like you said, who can?


  23. Steve E says:

    Victoria, you bring forth the dual catastrophe, one which occurred 10 years ago, the other now, where Peeps keep trying to use even the most dastardly action against our country–US! In the forms of politicizing a MEMORIAL, a time for coming together AGAIN. I am fed up–not only with voters who vote without having a clue as to the issues (unless it is free money for ME!!!), but with our leadership in general. You would think out lawmakers WANT a revolution. (Shut up, Steve, it is not fair to rant on Victoria’s blog.) Hey girl, ‘reject’ if you think it’s too much, OK?


  24. hedgewitch says:

    Well said, Victoria, especially the last two lines of the second stanza.


  25. Heaven says:

    This is beautiful and very meaningful. These lines struck me because until now, some of us have not learned it well ~

    Evoking God’s name to achieve man’s will,
    Victorious only when the foe is down,


  26. brian says:

    gosh, i wrote and rewrote my piece for this so many times…it hurts to think back on that day…i think we stillhave a long way to go…to replace hate with love…and anger with hope…thanks victoria…


  27. Jamie Dedes says:

    Well done. There is so much charged emotion around this. You did a most worthy job of writing about it …


  28. Jingle says:

    911, never forget.
    beautiful composition!


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