Thursday Poets’ Rally–“Wounds”

A birch—
smooth bark dotted
with eyes—
omniscient voyeur
spying on passersby.
Down its trunk
a scar splays open.
Wide, like a wound
I used to pack with sterile gauze
and normal saline.

(My patient’s name
was Forrest.)

In the gutter, red blossoms
from a nearby
Indian Paint Brush
pile in heaps
like clotted blood.

Forrest’s gash—
the result of a barroom brawl—
or so he’d told me—
never healed.
He didn’t bleed to death.
Just died by the inch,
lost the will to fight
when the woman went off
with his opponent.

The tree has been like this
for years.
Over time some miscreant
continues to inflict like damages
on other branches.

63 thoughts on “Thursday Poets’ Rally–“Wounds”

  1. julielaing says:

    This piece has such great visuals. I’m partial to the paintbrush bit, which I track all summer as wander in the Montana mountains. You’re description is apt!

    My first attempt to build on a piece of the “Shoes” poem is up: I’m wondering if it’s a mere exercise at this point, since I’m not sure I’ve achieved anything with it that I didn’t express in the original piece. What do you think?


  2. A.B. Thomas says:

    Frightening powerful – thanks for the great read!


  3. Kiera says:

    “Omniscient voyeur”– wow, great poem!



  4. Olivia says:

    Loads of Love My Dear Friend
    An Award for you..

    Lovies xox


  5. Jamie Dedes says:

    A must engaging poem with several layers. The shift from patient to tree gives it depth. Thank you!

    Happy Rally and good weekend, Victoria.


  6. dasuntoucha says:

    Vivid and entrancing.


  7. Alethea says:

    that was really powerful!! sad but very beautifully written and the picture goes with your words…very nice!
    Happy Rallying 🙂


  8. vivinfrance says:

    Emotive, sad, but very well written.


  9. Artswebshow says:

    This is a very impressive rally entry.
    Awesome poem


  10. A wonderful creative life you live, Ji.
    Your boys, no doubt, are the pinnacle of your creativity.
    Blessings to you and happy weekend.
    BTW–do you remember who runs the Room for Romance (or something like that) on Saturday. I thought I had linked it but can’t find it.


  11. Jingle says:

    Jingle at wordpress is my main blog,

    promising poets’ parking lot is for Thursday Poets Rally only, pure public poetry blog, not used often…as you know, I run poets Rally only twice a month….

    Jingle at blogger is an alternate, I post some of my work there, it is easy if I have two posts at the same day….

    Jingle poetry is shared with 15 poets, I don’t formally post, as you know, only once a week, I attend the poetry potluck….

    as for my newest blog at the 3rd host, it is a safe place, i don’t post at all unless it is necessary….I will simply use it as a storage of selected poetry of myself…not expect to become popular or used often….

    I do sleep, I am off line from 11pm to 7am for sure…
    Thanks for the curious mind and wonder of my activities…

    beautiful contribution….

    I have two boys,. one is 17 and went to college, another is 12 and very independent, thus I have a lot of time to write and engage in activities…

    Happy Friday!


  12. Powerful poem brilliantly said.. Wounds..

    Fragrance of Friendship

    Happy Rally

    –Someone Is Special–


  13. Eric says:

    Run, Forrest! Run! (LOL!)

    Nice piece… I like the duality.


  14. Such a brilliant treat!
    Or should I say,tree:-)
    THIS is my newest favorite my friend.
    Thank-you for your kind comments on mine!


  15. PinkLady says:

    what a lovely metaphor… and i feel for forrest. it is so sad how some wounds never heal in time. forrest’s loss spelled the end of his will to live… death eventually. such is life!


  16. mangoesntangoes says:

    Great imagery and anthropomorphism.


  17. Olivia says:

    What a sharp cutting one- this is as close as it could get. The image is as much complimenting. I loved it’s freshness- it has the ability to speak 1000 words should someone be wanting to read it up close.. Lovies Victoria- xoxox


  18. buttercup600 says:

    So very warm and vivid imagery…loved it my friend xx


  19. 2zpoint says:

    No wound is so deep as one caused by love. Excellent story…I can relate and I enjoyed it too! Just …better him than me this time!


  20. outstanding! and the image was so well chosen!


  21. Dakshima says:

    loved it…
    thanx for visiting me.. 😀


  22. Nevermoraven says:

    This is a very deep and sad poem…but I love the vivid images you conjured up. Thanks for sharing~


  23. Lyn says:

    Omnicient voyeur..what a powerful phrase..some trees, like people, are natural victims, and yet they go deep with this!


  24. pollutedpoet says:

    That was great personification.

    You both personified the tree and “treeified” the person!

    Love it!


  25. I love birch trees and often draw them…This poem is so rich and full! I am happy I came across it today!


  26. notjeffery says:

    Awesome read.
    I’m teaching biodiversity at the moment, with your permission I’d like to share this with my kids. We’re looking at trees and deforestation.

    This is a topic close to my heart!
    (my entries)


  27. Carolyn says:

    Like trees we can live a long time with our wounds and scars but you remind us – not always. Vivid and powerful. Thanks !


  28. Loved this poem. There is so much to sink your teeth into vis a vis the thematic development of the treating the patient AND using the tree branches as symbolic of the damage done as the years go by. Enjoyable read and extremely emotionally powerful poem. Thanks for posting!



  29. the image is sad, yet your wordplay cutting, in a good way..
    happy Rally! 🙂

    My Rally Entry is Here!


  30. Jingle says:

    thanks for the sweet participation..
    your have lovely nature and creative poetry talent,


  31. Jingle says:

    sad for the tree…
    how sharp you are to write abut it…
    so beautiful spirits in doing so.


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