Sunday 160–“El Shaddai”*


Photo: David Slotto


Just enough coffee to jump-start the day.
quiet time to remember
why I’m here—
soul nourishment to survive.
Enough goodness to share.
Life enough for learning love.

*In Hebrew, the word Shad means “breast” and Dai means “enough.” El Shaddai is one of the holy names of  God and alludes to the sufficiency of the Divine. Its attribution suggests the feminine aspects of God.

Originally submitted for Monkey Man’s Sunday 160 in which your entry is exactly 160 characters, including spaces. Check it out at

Submitted once again for Big Tent Poetry on 12/3/10–this week’s prompt is to write a poem to the theme of “Enough.”

33 thoughts on “Sunday 160–“El Shaddai”*

  1. Lovely, lovely thought…


  2. Irene says:

    I too like the soulfulness of coffee.


  3. Tilly Bud says:

    Love the sense of starting the day with coffee and God; an intimate, quiet time.


  4. just enough coffee? i always need more. 🙂


  5. Victoria Hendricks says:

    Stong and felt – captures feelings I have too. And the El Shaddai explanation is especially apt at hannukah. Thank you.


  6. b_y says:

    That minute of collection is what’s missing with my to-go Americano. There is no centering with a cupholder


  7. pamela says:

    A beautiful piece and thanks for the process notes.


  8. Tumblewords says:

    Ah, yes. Enough is a wonderful space.


  9. Deb says:

    We who have are indeed fortunate.


  10. GK Asante says:

    You managed to fit just enough into a plaintive, solid moment. Those are the moments people should try to touch in these troubled days.


  11. Monkey Man says:

    Wonderful 160. Love the El Shaddai explanatin, too. Didn’t know that. Thanks for playing.


  12. buttercup600 says:

    Also love the last line so much…is that not so very true? Wonderful write girlfriend xxx


  13. moondustwriter says:

    He’s enough and you can say it in 160 or 160 to infinity

    thanks for the reminder for the week ahead

    Moon hugs


  14. Alice Audrey says:

    Makes me want to take a good, deep breath and grin.


  15. That’s it in a nutshell, Brian.


  16. tracyhsays says:

    Beautiful 160…a lot said in so few words.


  17. brian says:

    lovely 160…life is learning to love perfectly…


  18. gospelwriter says:

    …and 160 characters just enough for this writing. 🙂 Lovely!


  19. I remember and Amy Grant song called El Shaddai… 🙂 I would LOVE for u to check out my “Creative Playground” tab on my blog and click on my site “Social Muze”! It’s a little site I put together for my blog and AllPoetry dot com friends to talk about and share art, photography, poetry etc… 🙂 I would love for you to be a part of it! At least take a peak 🙂 I will def be back!!! 🙂


  20. Susannah says:

    That is just beautiful! 🙂


  21. souldipper says:

    Love the poem – especially the last line! And doesn’t life keep giving us just what we need to keep on learning. Just when we think we may have it… 🙂


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