Leonnyes Z to A Challenge: Q is for “Quaking Aspen”

Aspens in Autumn, Elk Mountain Ranch, CO

Image by dj @ oxherder arts via Flickr

Submitted to Leonnyes Z to A Challenge: http://leonnyes.wordpress.com/

Quaking Aspen

Yellow leaves flutter,
surrender to Autumn’s dance,
burnish the blue sky.

Branches stretching out
to tease a foraging quail
toss gold to the wind.

9 thoughts on “Leonnyes Z to A Challenge: Q is for “Quaking Aspen”

  1. Rumya says:

    Loved the autumn Haikus!! They always create beautiful imagery!! 🙂


  2. Nanka says:

    Beautiful autumn Haikus Victoria, flaunting the colors, bright and bold!! 🙂


  3. souldipper says:

    Good for you…I see you were able to sneak in a Quail! 🙂


  4. another wonderful autumn poem, Victoria.. is it Fall there?


  5. danroberson says:

    In CA I would often go to a place called Quaken Aspen where the rustling of the leaves would entice me to spend the day. This poem brought back many warm memories. Thanks.


  6. Kavita says:

    I could almost hear the rustling of the leaves… and smell the sweet warmth of bark..
    Each and every word of this poem screamed Fall like no other! Delightful!


  7. Talon says:

    I love aspen…they whisper and speak. You captured their fall essence beautifully!


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