“Worth Dying For”–Big Tent Poetry

Veterans plot in winter

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Worth Dying For
A Tribute to Veterans World-Wide

Well-being of our children’s life,
Our freedom to decide,
Right to believe in what we will,
The truths we hold inside.
Here are some things that will abide.

Death is not the end,
Your power lies in choice.
Inside the meaning of your life find
New strength within your voice
Gives glory to your dying.

Fight bravely for your cause—
Our faith in all that matters,
Redeem the future.

This weeks prompt was inspired by a book title on the NYT’s Best Seller list: Lee Child‘s “Worth Dying For.” I haven’t read this, but have read a couple of his fast-paced suspense/thrillers. They are entertaining page-turners if you enjoy the genre. The title tied in with this weeks remembrance of Veterans in many countries.


21 thoughts on ““Worth Dying For”–Big Tent Poetry

  1. Kudos, Victoria. Well done and well intentioned. Thank you.


  2. Pushpee says:

    nice acrostics, profound thought :))


  3. Nicely expressed! War is something I’m least interested in as well, though I’m highly patriotic…


  4. Sy says:

    beautiful tribute…


  5. Amanda says:

    This was simply beautiful. As the wife of a Marine and the Daughter of an Air Force Sergeant I thank you.


    • I’ve been “adopting” Marine’s in Afghanistan and Iraq for a couple of years now…sending care packages. Bless you and your husband and all the men and women who put their lives on the line.


      • Amanda says:

        Thank you so much, no need to worry for us my husband served in Viet Nam many years ago…. I am grateful there are people like you that help our service people to know there are folks who care about them!


  6. Thank you for commenting on my post. We both chose “Worth dying for” as our subject. Your words give us all something to think about. I am so sorry you lost your father before you ever had a chance to know him.
    I will be so relieved when our Middle East mess is settled with no more fighting. MarianV


  7. Vicki Munn says:

    o that is wonderful! a beautiful poem. “love the warrior. hate the war” is one of my favorite quotes from a general, though i can’t remember who. i love your “right to believe in what we will, the truths we hold inside” line best…
    and i have learned a new thing while visiting here. acrostic! thank you!


  8. Irene says:

    Remembering that they died for something beyond themselves. Often we don’t even know history’s in the making. Thanks for writing an acrostic poem in remembrance, Victoria.


  9. pamela says:

    A clever acrostic. Such a sad subject. I am right now writing a war poem.


  10. trisha says:

    You are so very right victoria. what a wonderful way of expressing it. fabulous poem, adored it.

    thanks for sharing it with us.


  11. Harshika says:




  12. Heart says:

    “Gives glory to your dying…… Redeem the future…” Great tribute, we must salute and forever be indebted to them.. Any soldier, anywhere in the world is a HERO!
    Thanks for the reminder Victoria!


  13. Dick says:

    I’m with Viv, both in praise and reservation!


  14. vivinfrance says:

    A clever accrostic. Yes, we must remember them. But on the whole, to me, wars between nations do not seem worthy of so much death.


  15. Mary says:

    Victoria, I do hope that the future WILL be redeemed. Veterans are definitely to be saluted on this time near Veterans’ Day!


  16. Beautifully done acrostic; perfect for the time of the year as well.


  17. Tumblewords says:

    So clever and timely – A memorable read.


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