Leonnyes Z to A Challenge: N is for Noun


Image by Leftsider via Flickr

N is for Noun

I am a person and so are you.
Is a person a noun?
I’m not sure if that’s true.

I think that a verb is a better fit,
for we are becoming “us”
bit-by bit.

Submitted to Leo’s Z to A Challenge: http://leonnyes.wordpress.com/


11 thoughts on “Leonnyes Z to A Challenge: N is for Noun

  1. Charming and fun. Clever lady! 🙂


  2. lovely thought.. becoming bit by bit 🙂


  3. Nanka says:

    Oh yes Victoria! We are action people. Active on the blog…at present with Leo’s Z to A Challenge!! 🙂 So I agree we are verbs!! Smart explanation in your rhyme… 🙂


  4. Rumya says:

    Smart Rhyme that one!! 🙂


  5. Harshika says:

    something to think about i see 😦

    u do make ppl think and it’s a pleasure to read ur posts


  6. Really good question to debate on..Loved the last line – “for we are becoming “us” bit-by bit.”…

    My N is need…



  7. Jingle says:

    smart play on N.


  8. Sy says:

    I agree.. life isn’t about who we are in the moment it’s about the journey to where we wanna be… yes we are Verbs.. cool post



  9. Vicki Munn says:

    o yes, i would much rather be a verb! i like.


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