Monday Morning Writing Prompt–End of Autumn

Corvus the Stellar Jay

For this week’s writing prompt, I invite you to think about the month of November. Here in Reno, the weather tetters between autumn and winter. It’s already been down to 19 degrees (F) yet some of the trees are desperately trying to hold on to their foliage. Take a look around you (or use your imagination) and paint a poem or reflection on the end of autumn.

Here’s mine:

Autumn End

Inching into Autumn’s end
orgasmic orange gives way
to drab

brown leaves that huddle
into niches of
the Maple.

From nowhere, it seems,
a brilliant Stellar Jay

As always, the purpose of this prompt is to help you jump-start a new week of writing. If you care to, include a link to your work in the comments section. Enjoy the process!


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Writing Prompt–End of Autumn

  1. The leaves do huddle in nitches. Nice true touch. Fine poem and what a fab catch for the photo. Good for you! Smiles…


  2. hope hayduk says:

    loved it! awesome photo!


  3. Harshika says:

    lovely 🙂


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