Leonnyes Z to A Challenge: “D” is for Door

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Submitted to Leonnyes Z to A Challenge: http://leonnyes.wordpress.com/

“D” is for Door

May I be an unlocked door,
receive the gifts that the Universe
is rushing to bestow.

Open my life to grief and joy,
dancing, singing songs
with wordless melodies.

When the gate is open just a crack
Divine Life surges in, waves
flood empty spaces.

The free flow of sounds, ideas,
people, grace, lives touching one another
expand the boundaries of a limited

perspective. Senses are the portal
of the body. See, touch, taste
the experience of each blessed moment.

You stand upon the Sacred Threshold.
Wait for the Bridegroom to bid you enter.


8 thoughts on “Leonnyes Z to A Challenge: “D” is for Door

  1. trisha says:

    splendid poem victoria, i wish we all could be doors like that. so full of hope and optimism.


  2. Artswebshow says:

    Its amazing what poetry can be inspired by something so simple as a door.
    Great poem


  3. Amity says:

    A beautiful way for you to get closer to your buddies like me Victoria…let me say, I am becoming fond of you everytime you say your piece in my work…and same as I do with you…:-)

    Yes, We are like doors, either open or unlocked, or locked…and inside are many surprises we can behold…:-)

    Let the good things enter Victoria…:-)


    • I think the real upside of blogging is the friends we meet from all over the world, the ability to discover that there really can be a “oneness” in the midst of diversity. Enjoy your anniversary celebrations, Amity.


  4. Nanka says:

    You have opened the door to your heart for us and we are happily singing dancing as we enter here 🙂 We find many such free flowing sounds and poems written here with great care, love and compassion too!!

    Gate crashing through your hallway for the grand Ball Victoria!!


  5. Jingle says:

    lovely door poem..

    your are open minded,
    uplifting sentiments.


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