Lady’s Nimue’s Months-of-the-Year Challenge: May 2010

Spring wildflowers in bloom. in the California...

Image by Alan Vernon. via Flickr

Submitted for Lady Nimue’s Months-of-the-Year Challenge for May 2010:

I-395 Mojave to Reno

Opening lines of poems
I would write
if I didn’t have to drive:

The Artist slopped his paint
across the Mojave Desert…

Purple and yellow, orange and blue,
complementary palettes…

A mound of red and black lava:
a dinosaur slipping into extinction…

Owen’s lake in cool colors:
blue on blue, silver white…

The difference between stark and extravagant =
January + 4 months – winter…

Snow presides on Mount Whitney
while Lone Pine lounges in its shadows…

To be continued
or completed.

When driving back to Reno from Palm Desert last May, the Mojave Desert was in full bloom, as was the entire stretch of I-395 on the Eastern slopes of the Sierra.  I was struck by the sharp contrast from out drive down in mid-January. I was itching to write about what I saw but since we were driving separate cars I didn’t have a chance…not really too safe, you know. So that night I jotted down a bit of what I saw and decided that would be the poem.


9 thoughts on “Lady’s Nimue’s Months-of-the-Year Challenge: May 2010

  1. ladynimue says:

    Opening lines of poems
    I would write
    if I didn’t have to drive

    I can relate to this so many times .. as if the idea will vanish after this moment is passed .. lovely description .. and vivid imagery 🙂


  2. hedgewitch says:

    Vivid picture of the lively desert, one of my very favorite places on earth. Very irritating when one can’t jot things down as they come; I’m sure in our lifetimes they’ll have invented a car that drives itself, leaving the hands and mind free, but i don’t know if I’d like losing the control.

    Enjoyed being the passenger for this one.


  3. Luke Prater says:

    you really do have a gift for descriptive passages. It is true poetry.




  4. trisha says:

    it really seems that mother nature has poured her basket of flowers there 🙂


  5. Grace says:

    I really liked your novel excerpt.
    I’m sure someone has already mentioned this but your sub head says inpired living instead of inspired living.


  6. Bill Sigler says:

    More of this, please.


  7. Nanka says:

    Amazing and got to know a bit about your region and the changes that come with the seasons too!!

    Lovely poem and found it a very interesting read, held my attention throughout!!


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