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An Etheree

light and dark
merge into one,
brighten the forest,
eclipse the dawning morn.
Do you understand these words?
I am a woman; you’re a man.
I am a Christian; you don’t believe
in anything you cannot see or touch
or comprehend in terms of science.
Together we are Everyman
who seeks to taste the meaning
of a life unfolding
in obscurity.
Come with me, then.
taste beauty,

45 thoughts on “Duality

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  3. onelovelexy says:

    I like the way the words are arranged, they pack a punch.


  4. […] Victoria: https://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2010/12/16/duality/ […]


  5. Scent of my heart says:

    Taste beauty, flowers, joy … may we all have them these days of holy holidays! Thanks for the visit to my blog, sorry for the late return visits! Wishing you a great Christmas!


  6. lmcgregor says:

    Very clever, something many people nowadays have to think of.


  7. SeaGlass says:

    I am impressed that you’re not afraid to use formal structures (rather than free verse). Bits of this remind me of Rebecca’s speeches in the Terrence Mallick film The New World. I wonder whether you could have worked more imagery into the poem in order to convey the sense of difference more starkly?


  8. I nominate the poem for perfect poet award.


  9. I read it as:-

    Woman as light and man as darkness in everybody

    Woman as religion and man as non believer

    Knowledge and ignorance combined, completing every individual

    God and Devil in everyone, living together

    Then in the form of etheree (encountered first time)

    Worth the pleasure we seek in reading .


  10. LeiffyV says:

    Wonderful work, I loved this piece to no end! The duality of ourselves, our friends, humanity. All works with this offering. Thanks so much for sharing, sorry for the delay in reading!


  11. Roy Smith says:

    Like the style and philosophy, mixed together with an interesting idea for presenting both…very cool


  12. Very nice, well done thanks for sharing


  13. orange says:

    That really captured the essence of life as we know it. I used to feel if science took out the romance out of moonlight and stars… but yeah duality is what we are about… great work…


  14. I love the style; I, too, never heard of this form of poetry before I read your piece. You also always have a lovely way with words.

    “Together we are Everyman
    who seeks to taste the meaning
    of a life unfolding
    in obscurity.”

    I also love, and agree with, the message of your poem. Our differences do not have to divide us. It’s like the yin and the yang. They complement each other and find a balance in the middle. We should learn to meet one another half way and consequently, find balance and peace and
    “taste beauty,


  15. Artswebshow says:

    It must be not only difficult to work in so strict a form but to actually come up with something meaningful and well crafted.
    Personally i think this is very successful.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the poem


  16. siubhan says:

    nice. like the top-to-bottom symmetry of it–really fits the piece.


  17. Darlene says:

    The form is quite interesting as are your images. Good job.


  18. Kudos on a beautifully drawn poem and thanks for the intro to a new form. Well done!

    Happy Rally days …


  19. Purvi says:

    so beautifully put! something and samething that I was trying to tell him.. and he wudnt listen!


  20. trisha says:

    this is one of the best poems i have ever read!


  21. A.B. Thomas says:

    Nicely done – and I learned a new form today!


  22. frayedges says:

    I love how you bring them together with acceptance of their differences and recognition that one need not change the other- that both are valid.


  23. dancingfreak says:


    so different


  24. ~Drew says:

    we CAN live together, even though we have difference… we can enrich each other’s lives.

    I have a similar subject:


  25. Tweety says:

    sun shadow light and dark…and us….

    beautiful victoria…yes in this life we forget about the little joys in life…


  26. Olivia says:

    Very well said..!!
    I am with you.. 🙂

    Love xx


  27. 1MereMortal says:

    I liked the lines:

    who seeks to taste the meaning
    of a life unfolding
    in obscurity.

    Excellent poem…thank you for sharing.


  28. moondustwriter says:

    Love the image of duality and the way your took us through a world of differences with the end result as beauty…


  29. Love the shape of the poem, and the syllable pattern. I understand what you mean about non-believers not wanting to understand the immaterial, its the fun thing about being both a Christian and a scientist (firmly in that order). The immaterial keeps its beauty and the science proves God’s awesome power. Love the poem.
    The Lonely Recluse


  30. Belinda says:

    I love how you merge contrasts so effectively here. And I am a bit partial (because of my work in the women’s movement) but I especially love how the woman invites the man to experience life a bit more fully. A also appreciate how inclusive she is despite (or because of?) her spirituality. Definitely a different kind ‘f “Christian” than how right-wing evangelists are portrayed in politics and our society.


  31. Shamika says:

    Very well done. I had never heard of this form of poetry and thankfully you were the one to introduce it to me because you did a fantastic job of it. The tone was ginger and sweet but you also touched on themes I dealt with. You have inspired me to perhaps one day try my own hand at this form.


  32. ashbeezone says:

    Nice thoughts ma’am
    Here’s my poetry
    !! Happy Rally !!


  33. booguloo says:

    “..and they’ll know we are Christians by our love..”
    Very nice.


  34. Bodhirose says:

    I loved this touching poem on duality, Victoria–“Together, we are Everyman”–so true. It created a beautiful etheree.


  35. I love that you chose a form and then executed it so flawlessly. Bravo!


  36. tolbert says:

    Love the merging of contrasting shadows, ideaologies, belief sytems…then taking man and woman and unveiling ‘Everyman’. Reminds me of a garden from long ago…Nicely done.

    Thank you for visiting my site and for your encouragement concerning bipolar!


  37. Jingle says:


    this is tech oriented and well done..
    Thanks for the contribution…


  38. Bill Sigler says:

    How you shape these beautiful thoughts into a Christmas tree ornament is a complete mystery to me.


    • The shape occurs as a result of the form. The etheree is a syllable-driven poem: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 which can be repeated if you like.
      There are other etheree’s in older posts. Try it…it’s fun.


      • Pat Cegan says:

        Thanks for the explanation of etheree. I have to give it a try. I finally understood why we need duality at this point, something that has been a mystery for years. My next poem will be about this. Your poem is lovely and I love the form. hugs, pat


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