Monday Morning Writing Prompt: Let’s Do Details

Writing samples: Parker 75

Image by churl via Flickr

For today’s prompt I’d like to focus on details. We’ve all been taught that it’s those minute sensory excursions that bring our writing to life, whether poetry or prose. Engaging the five senses allows the reader to share the experience. And so I encourage you to write a short poem or paragraph in which you involve as many senses as you can. It can be helpful to go someplace with a paper and pen (or laptop) and turn on your powers of observation–a coffee-house, thrift store, the mall. If you’re snowbound go someplace in your own digs or your memory. I’m working on a poem now that I hope to post later today or tomorrow using a memory trip into an old lady’s closet. Have fun with this and link it in comments if you would.


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Writing Prompt: Let’s Do Details

  1. Yes. This is a good one. My 12/27 post on Bay City might come close.


  2. Bodhirose says:

    I love this idea too, Victoria–already have an idea. Let me work on it…

    I hope the holidays will be peaceful for you–my best to you always.


  3. This is a wonderful prompt. I will think about it as I go through the day and maybe do something tonight.

    These are trying time here! LOL! Where do the days go?

    Take it easy …

    Best wishes for the peace of the season, Victoria.


  4. trisha says:

    this is a very tempting prompt.


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