Song of Songs–One Shot Wednesday

Photo: David Slotto

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday:

This is a form poem written as a Sestina which consists of 39 lines: 6 stanza of 6 lines each. You choose 6 words as the “end-words” and they recur in a pre-designed sequence:

Song of Songs
a Sestina

All the world’s a stage set to music.
You stroke my life like strings of Your guitar.
We’re born to fly so Your touch of gentleness
sounds a chord in my core that thrills.
Round and round You lead me in a dance—
the whirling rhythm swirls in my heart.

Rejoice, oh world; you hold grief in your heart.
Defy those who claim silence lacks all music.
Refute the clowns who refuse to dance—
Who, though called to joy, strum a dirge on their guitars.
Avoid the fool who rejects life’s thrill,
who sinks into the void with gentleness.

At dawn, mockingbird chants a song of gentleness
awakens the earth, enlivens her heart.
You stir in my Spirit-womb, Your Presence thrills.
Your promised love resounds of music,
Your hands play me as You would play Your guitar.
Our beings entwine and we enter the dance.

The earth and stars conspire to join the dance.
Ocean waves lick the sands with gentleness,
winds pluck the strings of willow tree guitars
while rain plants seeds in Earth—the Mother’s heart.
By day, the sun sings bliss—at night moon-music
plays arpeggios You designed to thrill.

I hear the door You open with a thrill,
arise to greet Your entry with a dance,
breath in the air You fill with sounds of music,
surrender to the call of gentleness,
responding to the rhythm of Your heart—
the wild beat of a classical guitar.

Submit my soul to music, the stroke of Your guitar,
Your voice, Your gentleness, never fail to thrill.
I yield to the tempo of your dance, lay down my heart.

16 thoughts on “Song of Songs–One Shot Wednesday

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  3. Steve Isaak says:

    Excellent, boundary (within this group) stretching work.


  4. signed .............bkm says:

    Interesting…have not heard of this form and you did an excellent job of bringing it to life…the music and guitar theme is a wonderful way to bring in the New Year…bkm


  5. Loved the slow-boil of the poem and the guitar imagery building to the conclusion. Great 1S submission, a joy to read.



  6. pamela says:

    Victoria you certainly did justice to the form.
    Happy New Year.


  7. Submit to my soul music – yes! yes! – well come, Victoria. Thanks for the new – to me – poetiic form. Value add, as so many of your post have …

    Wonderful. And love the pix too.


  8. Chris G. says:

    Always do love a good sestina. To adhere to such a form and successfully create…lovely stuff. Music is an important part of life and the world, as it is here. Romantic and beautiful.


  9. What a love song, Victoria. What a prayer.


  10. brian says:

    music is a big part of my life…beautiful sestina…will have to try my hand at this…


  11. Eric says:

    Not being one for forms, I have no idea whether you’ve followed the form properly or not – but I liked the words anyway! (Anything featuring guitars is a WIN in my book!)

    Nice One Shot


  12. revbillcook says:

    Beautifully done. A joy and a celebration. I love the poem, especially starting at the third stanza. It comes together as a kind of psalm and ode. Thanks. – bill


  13. trisha says:

    splendid. this is a beautiful way of imagining oneself. It must have been really tough!


  14. dustus says:

    Well done utilizing a complex form. “Ocean waves lick the sands with gentleness,” My favorite line among many.


  15. Claudia says:

    being played like the strings of a guitar – lovely done – a music that touches the soul..


  16. hedgewitch says:

    Very nice. Very different from mine–kind of bizarre we both wrote a sestina this week. I love the keywords you picked, contrasting and complimenting each other and the poem. “We’re born to fly” ~ lovely.


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