Snow Delay: A River of Stone, Day 2

A Pillar Of Cloud  (IMG_6964R)

Image by Schristia via Flickr

Submitted to aros:

Snow Delay

“By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud, to guide them on their way.” Exodus 13:21

A billowing cloud,
a pillar to the south,
impedes our journey
to the desert.


7 thoughts on “Snow Delay: A River of Stone, Day 2

  1. But not permently .. and now you are vacationing. Well done …Love the cloud as “pillar to the south” – dramatic, which it probably was.


  2. Thanks, everyone for the kind comments. Just getting back on the net and playing “catch up.”


  3. Jingle says:

    love the imagery,

    powerful writing, keep it up.
    happy 2011.


  4. joanny says:

    It may impede your journey, but your poetry is always eloquent and flowing with creativity. May this New Year find you and clear the way to creative adventures, filled with peace, love and joy.
    Thank you also for all you nice comments on my blog in 2010.



  5. danroberson says:

    The cloud and pillar of fire impedes your journey. Not to lead, but to impede. Not out of the desert, but to keep you from entering. Nice reversal.


  6. timkeen40 says:

    Nice post! I loved the picture.



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