AROS #4 and 5–Catching Up

Owens Valley - Feb 23, 2008

Image by niiicedave via Flickr

After a few days of travel and unpacking (still not settled) I’m trying to catch up. The drive between Reno and Palm Desert provided much inspiration: high desert, mountains, Mount Whitney, Owens Valley and the starkness of the Mojave. Here in Coachella Valley all is verdant and serene. The mountains separating us from the ocean are snow-covered, the skies blue, and sunsets are splendid.

Mother Nature dusts
the mountains to the East
with confectioner’s sugar.

Mother Nature shakes out a quilt,
covers Owens Valley in soft white fluff.

This week I will not be able to post a Wordsmith Wednesday column. I will try to make up for it next week. Happy writing. Enjoy the process.

Submitted to a River of Stones:

3 thoughts on “AROS #4 and 5–Catching Up

  1. Love both, but the confectioner’s sugar capping the mountains is sweet delight! 🙂

    Hope that you are having the best times.


  2. trisha says:

    fabulous duo victoria. Happy to know that your travel time passed happily.



  3. Jade says:

    Those little stones go well together and I love the use of the phrase s”confectioner’s sugar” and “soft white fluff” Good job 🙂


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