Feathered Totems–Jingle’s Poetry Potluck





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This week’s theme is language, signs and symbols. Because I have spent much of my life in areas graced by Native American culture and spirituality, I am so aware of the many lessons taught through careful observation of the role of nature in our lives. Birds, in particular, seems to come to me–both in nature and in dreams and they are said to be messengers of the Divine. I try to attune to what they may be here to teach me. This poem touches on the symbolism of  a few of the bird totems.


Feathered Totems

I am…
the cawing Raven
crying magic, mystery,
circling your life with
power of creation.

I am…
the brilliance of the Eagle
spanning space between the earth
and sky, carrying your spirit
to the top of distant mountains.

I am…
the lowly mourning Dove
echoing the sound of longing
deep within your emptiness
that God alone can fill.

I am…
the joy of Hummingbird
dancing in the morning dew,
drinking golden nectar,
nourishing your soul.


51 thoughts on “Feathered Totems–Jingle’s Poetry Potluck

  1. yelena m. says:

    Raven, Eagle, Dove and Humminbird so magically portrayed in your write. A very enjoyable and inspiring poem.


  2. I love birds and the symbolism and comined in this poem with Native American call on thm, they’re a delight. This is quite evocative in its way. Perfect for Potluck theme. More than perfect. Thanks! Enjoyed much.


  3. Sam says:

    It Feels very free… Beautiful poem.


  4. shadow says:

    interesting and reward to read…


  5. This is wonderful, Victoria. You are a Bird Lady and you write about them so thoughtfully. I love this poem. Had a visit from a beautiful red-tailed hawk this week, up close and personal. Magnificent being. I love thinking of him/her as a messenger from God.
    Love you,


  6. pamela says:

    Victoria, I love birds and the last stanza about the hummingbird is wonderful.


  7. brian says:

    some gorgeous little snapshots of the strengths of each of these and you are all and more…


  8. Really beautiful. Whenever a bird or animal crosses my path, I’m always looking up the spiritual meaning.


  9. jei says:

    love your thoughts. thanks for sharing.


  10. Teresa says:

    So beautiful! I love this, and it’s obvious how close you are to the natural world. Mine is here. http://razzamadazzle.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/willing/


  11. thingy says:

    This is so beautiful. I am just blown away by the talent os so many of you.


  12. Angela Cohan says:

    So beautiful and very well-written.


  13. poetrydiary says:

    And they are all birds, too, so the same as each other and very different at the same time, like all of us. I like the bigger metaphors here, which I suspect the native americans understood too?


  14. souldipper says:

    How to grab the essence of some members of God’s Creation!


  15. oh my… this grabbed hold from the first stanza. a powerful piece. strong. rich. leaving me inspired. thank you… 🙂



  16. hedgewitch says:

    Nature is a never ending source of myth and nourishment, and your poem plays on those themes well. I’m trying to think of a context where I’ve seen Ravens associated with creation–normally a bit darker symbol. A light and soaring piece, Victoria. Enjoyed it.


  17. Bodhirose says:

    I feel so close to our beautiful feathered beings. They enrich my life so much. Thanks for putting it into words for me.


  18. S. Sharp says:

    Every word in your poem is written to tell a story and each word has a meaning. I love reading your poems for thire way of symbolize the many way profound in our lives.

    Thanks for sharing ❤
    S. Sharp


  19. Jingle says:

    you are everything Godly and Lovely…

    beautiful entry.


  20. Jade says:

    Beautiful!!! I love how each stanza is dedicated to a different bird and bird quality. I also find these wonderful creatures to be spiritual reminders.


  21. trisha says:

    What a poem! simply splendid. loved all the descriptions.


  22. the eagle has significance and you used it wel in this poem.


  23. Jessica says:

    Beautiful! I especially like the dove and the adjective ‘mourning’.



  24. fiveloaf says:

    nice liv and it says so in all your attempts in all your poems- very precisely written with great precision and care.. here’s my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/06/19/my-whole-world/


  25. “I am…
    the joy of Hummingbird
    dancing in the morning dew,
    drinking golden nectar,
    nourishing your soul.”

    I love the symbolisms represented and the profound imagery incorporated. An excellent poem.


  26. Jingle says:

    Amazing writing, i love your thoughts, thanks for posting.


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