Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Writing the Erotic

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One of my favorite books about the art of writing poetry is “The Poet’s Companion–A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry” by Kim Addonizio and Dorianne Laux, both inspiring poets who, I believe, are from the San Francisco Bay Area.

In one of the chapters they discuss the art of writing eroticism. For those who find this challenging, they provide several suggestions that include using non-erotic imagery, metaphor and simile to suggest the erotic and they provide examples using the natural world, including landscape, to create sexual images.

For today’s exercise, I would like to challenge you to write an erotic poem or flash fiction about the landscape or any non-sexual activity such as cleaning house, driving a car…whatever. Please consider sharing it by posting a link in comments.

Here is a poem I wrote a number of years ago. It was published in the Tahoe Writers’ Association Literary Journal: Edge.

Today Should Be Autumn

Today should be autumn with its
skies like cornflowers or my lover’s eyes.
Angels toss pillows and
romp in mounds of feathers.

Wind sends leaves scurrying,
hurled about like stars at the moment of creation.
Woodstoves waft incense,
delight spirits who dance in naked branches.

Stagnant rainwater stands in a rusty bucket;
the layer of slime floats on its surface, smells rank.
A slug inches its way across bricks
spattered with specks of moss.

Underneath a pile of mulch
bulbs shoot out nipples of willow green leaves
aroused by a lick of sunshine.
Earth, wet and waiting, opens to receive spring.

14 thoughts on “Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Writing the Erotic

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Lovely poem. Have you taken some down?


  2. […] reposting it is because it fits one of Victoria’s recent writing prompts, which you can read HERE. I thought since romantic poems certainly are among the most popular, there might be some who wish […]


  3. […] reposting it is because it fits one of Victoria’s recent writing prompts, which you can read HERE. I thought since romantic poems certainly are among the most popular, there might be others who […]


  4. Fine poem. Sweetly sensual. I think I’ve written one that might fit your prompt … it’s from awhile back:


  5. connetta says:

    here’s my poem hope its not too erotic…

    Naked trees..

    One thing I’ll miss, once winter splits
    is the bare and naked trees..
    For spring has waited, patiently
    to dress them up in leaves.
    I love to see the shadow of
    their trunks against a sunset sky…
    (Naked trees are sexy things
    but for what i don’t know why…)
    I love their branches laced in snow
    up against a sky of blue…
    I love them dressed up in ice
    with a bright sun shining through..
    Once there dressed, I must confess
    they don’t do a thing for me
    though i do love the spring time buds
    that change the scenery..
    I love them best, when their dressed
    In the beauty Autumn brings..
    Still, Naked trees, are defiantly
    one of my favorite things…
    I know that lots of you will say
    “she’s talking about a frigging tree.”.
    But do one thing,for me this spring
    check out a naked pregnant tree


    • That’s great. Love the idea of a naked pregnant tree! I too love the barreness of winter–the way the sun shines through the branches and the sillhouttes of small birds. Thanks for contributing to this post, Connetta. Hope to see more of you soon. One of these days if my old brain can figure out how to to McLinky, I hope to open the Monday Morning Prompt up to more participation. Be happy!


  6. trisha says:

    very vividly written. beautiful piece.


  7. brian says:

    nice imagery…the eroticism was lost on me in the sludge rising but maybe that is personal preference…did this last sunday with a sunset…nice challenge…


  8. Jingle says:

    lovely poem…
    Happy Sunday!


  9. souldipper says:

    Victoria, this is so delightfully sensuous and suggestive. It is a treat to be given such tasteful bits to build at our own discretion!


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