Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Grieving

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For this week’s writing prompt, try writing a poem or flash fiction about someone you have lost, whether through death, the ending of a relationship or even just moving on in life. Perhaps it is a part of yourself that you have lost or a dream that has never been realized. Creative expression such as poetry or art is a very effective means of dealing with grief.

My poem was originally written to a prompt by Robert Lee Brewer to write about a tool. It is about my father.

Alternate Uses for a Steak Knife

I know better
than to dig blindly
in the tool box.

The knife—
sharp as it was
the day he died

ten years ago.
A bit of rust next
to the handle

crusted with dirt.
I can see him

beside the Sago
Palm, uprooting
stubborn weeds,

opening boxes,
slicing through
years of crap

to get at truth.
Then he would
sharpen the blade.

Listen carefully,
hear the song
of steel meeting flint.

That last time,
could he guess that
I would bleed?

If this prompt inspires you to write something, please leave a link in the comment section of this prompt.


23 thoughts on “Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Grieving

  1. Hi,

    Wrote this piece this morning in relation to you post on “Grief” – called “A Kind of Grief”:

    Best wishes – Brian in Scotland, UK.


  2. Hi,

    Just like to add my own thoughts too – beautifully written and very touching. I have added a link below to a poem I’d written for a friend who could never get over his first love..I hope you might like it (sorry it is not new – but I intend writing another based on your prompt).

    All the very best from Brian in Scotland, UK


  3. mstevensson says:

    This is very sad and quite dark, but there is some beauty laying just below the surface of your words. Excellent work!


  4. This is moving and evocative. You must still miss him.


  5. Bodhirose says:

    Thanks for sharing your poem on grief, Victoria–haunting somehow. I suppose we all have some type of grief to bear just through living life.

    I decided to write for your prompt:


  6. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. You are so encouraging.


  7. Alix Moore says:

    Your writing sings like a sharpened blade. What a powerful piece. This reminds me of a piece I wrote about my dad. Such grief between the lines.


  8. hope says:

    thank you for leaving your comment on my poem The Blessed

    I agree, faith is power behind survival



  9. souldipper says:

    Fabulous. Wraps my chest like a warm towel.


  10. Artswebshow says:

    Very powerful.
    Writing about memories always has more impact than philosophical or other types of poetry.
    You did really well with it


  11. Reflections says:

    Powerful prompt… opening doors to the heart, pleading with grief to share, to heal, to move forward with fondness of memories.

    Thank you for sharing this.


  12. trisha says:

    interesting prompt. you will see my post tomorrow.

    your poem was beautiful- you painted the loss perfectly.


  13. hope says:

    very touching!

    if you like, check out my poem, ‘The Blessed’ on my site

    thank you


  14. Jade says:

    Working through grief in a poetic way can be healing. Love the poem it inspired. I like the way you broke up the lines too, which gives it a “sharp” feel.


  15. Kim Nelson says:

    This tells so much and asks even more.


  16. kathe w says:

    such a lovely read- and thanks for dropping by and leaving nice comments


  17. hpicasso says:

    frozen photos, in situ

    yet we look
    why do we keep looking?


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