Between Storms–One Shot Wednesday

thunderclouds over berlin

Submitted to One Shot Poetry:

Between Storms

Petals float like paper boats
in swollen rain gutters.
A dove retires to a low-
hanging branch, restrains
her mournful cry and waits.
Ripples dance across the pond
stir up a pair of egrets.
In the distance, clouds converge
upon the mountain,
mumble to one another.
Their striated predecessors,
ripped apart by wind,
scurry across the valley.
Mother Nature toys with us,
can’t decide what to do next.


17 thoughts on “Between Storms–One Shot Wednesday

  1. Mother Nature toys with us,
    can’t decide what to do next…

    Well let’s hope there won’t be major disasters … The planet has enough of everything right now …

    I love storms, when I’m at home and safe of course, and I like how you described the storm very much.


  2. This has a certain drama as is true of storms as well.

    What a fine poem. I like it. Thanks! 🙂


  3. Mike Patrick says:

    I really enjoy your haiku, but you should do many more like this. Absolutely wonderful.


  4. Shashi says:

    The first lines were so vivid and beautiful.. so many times I have seen this and you gave words to it… so beautiful words… and liked your end lines too..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay


  5. Kavita says:

    You paint such fine picture with your amazing wordplay, Victoria… it really stirs the sense… it’s like having a cup of HOT TEA when you need it most!
    I really liked the idea of clouds mumbling to one another… made me smile just imagining it..

    Cheers to you for this fine one…and to Mother Nature for the games she plays 🙂


  6. kolembo says:

    I like this! It doesn’t really go anywhere, but it strips, layer by layer, who I think I am, until it’s just me and the wind. It’s the words…I really like the words.


  7. Gloria says:

    Your pen paints a beautiful portrait…I especially love the image of the cloudss mumbling to each other and of them scurrying across the valley.


  8. trisha says:

    I loved the beautiful painting you painted victoria- its splendid.



  9. Carl says:

    This is a bountiful portrait of Mother Nature. Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed it immensely.


  10. wow!!! a vivid piece, I was there, you took me there, nicely done!!!! 🙂


  11. The pace of this poem matches the imagery. Well done!


  12. Bodhirose says:

    So true–Mother Nature can be very fickle! Beautifully put, Victoria.


  13. brian miller says:

    ha. yeah and i am ready for her to decide on spring…great internal rhyming…love it!


  14. hedgewitch says:

    Has some of the flavor of a classic Japanese nature poem. Serene, yet a bit of tooth to it. Liked it, Victoria.


  15. bkmackenzie says:

    just beautiful…Mother Nature…can not decide what to do next…lovely image…bkm


  16. Mother nature is a fickle woman! But you’ve gotta love her!


  17. pamela says:

    Victoria, mother nature is tricky that way. Nicely written.



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