SiS’ Daily Haiku Challenge–Ravel’s Concerto for the Left Hand

Excerpt from Piano Concerto in which two theme...

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Submitted to SiS’ Daily Haiku Challenge:

RavelConcerto for the Left Hand

A flair for drama
arpeggiating basses

Well, I guess I’m unraveling. I looked at the prompt and the composer, Maurice Ravel, came immediately to mind. He’s best known for Bolero I believe, but when I looked him up in Wikipedia, I found that he wrote a Concerto for a Left Hand. As a lefty, I couldn’t help going for that one. The music illustrated actually depicts a few bars of arpeggio’s from the concerto.


15 thoughts on “SiS’ Daily Haiku Challenge–Ravel’s Concerto for the Left Hand

  1. A left-handed haiku. My son will like this …

    The music theme is nice. I suspect you could do more with that on a regular basis.


  2. Victoria, I loved this take..

    Someone is Special


  3. Sumit Sarkar says:

    This is really very unique…
    Loved it 🙂


  4. Wow great Haiku and I learned something new today. I had to look into this further and I found this amazing piece. I hope you enjoy it.


  5. Becca Givens says:

    Well done – I almost went with this direction – glad to see your version. Bravo!


  6. trisha says:

    this was a unique take on the theme victoria, unique and beautiful too.

    loved it.



  7. vivinfrance says:

    That left-handed concerto is mind-blowing. I like your interpretation of the prompt.


  8. Mike Patrick says:

    I envy your music knowledge. Missed that one completely. I got so raveled I couldn’t think of anything.


  9. Carl says:

    Ravel is fun. The concerto was written for a friend who did not have use of the right hand – A wonderful piece. Your take is nice!


  10. Nanka says:

    My mind still trying to unravel the mysteries of music…..I’m not musically inclined i suppose 😉


  11. Bodhirose says:

    Oh, I just love people who think out of the box and come up with such clever ideas and thoughts. I like that you went with your first thought even though you felt a little “different”! Yay for you! 🙂


  12. cloakedmonk says:

    Wonderful! I read that you thought of Ravel and then I knew I couldn’t think of Ravel. Ha! I love your interpretation.


  13. Jingle says:

    well done…

    come to poets rally if you wish, the linkz is up.


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