18 thoughts on “SiS’ Daily Haiku Challenge: Nectar

  1. Becca Givens says:

    You never cease to amaze me how you always manage joining the Divine in all! Balm for my soul and spirit. Thank you for sharing ~becca~

    Here is mine:


  2. Oh, I am found of this sentiment. Thank you!


  3. Carl says:

    Wonderful piece! You seem to master the form as others cannot. I enjoyed it.


  4. sonsy lass says:

    I enjoy internal and unusual rhyme and I thought ‘center’ and ‘nectar’ was very clever. A delicious haiku.


  5. Lovely.

    I kept bees for twenty years. They are like haiku writers: they drink in nectar, bring it forth again, place it in a small chamber and, with their wings, fan off excess moisture so that it is condensed as honey.


    • One of my all time favorite novels is Sue Monk Kidd’s “The Secret Life of Bees.” As a bee-keeper, I’m sure you would enjoy it if you haven’t already. The whole process has such a strong spiritual component to it.


  6. Awesome Victoria.. Thanks, “offer a taste of nectar”..

    Someone is Special


  7. sarah says:

    honey for the soul..nice use of words and a sweet take on the prompt 🙂


  8. trisha says:

    this is just awesome victoria, you always add some magic to your poems that make them so attractive.


  9. Chloe says:

    I find this Haiku stunningly beautiful! Thank you! xx


  10. Olivia says:

    and your words are honey for my soul… 😀
    enchantingly beautiful..!!

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend-
    Love xox


  11. Nanka says:

    Stimulating!! ….and arousing interest. Encouraging a rich environment!!


  12. Nanka says:

    Stimulating!!….. arousing interest and great encouraging enthusiasm.


  13. is it me or is this a sensuous piece from you? subtle, nice and filled with nectar 🙂


  14. Bodhirose says:

    To me it speaks of opening our hearts to others and letting them enjoy nurturing for the soul. So beautiful and sweet. I love this, Victoria.


  15. lolamouse says:

    I like this! I agree with Mike-open to many interpretations. Kudos.


  16. Mike Patrick says:

    You have written a haiku of many interpretations. Well done, Grasshopper. You have learned well.


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