Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap Energy

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Submitted to Poetry Potluck: http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/  This week’s theme is Cartoons, Sci-Fi and Superpowers.

Quantum Leap

I dreamt
I flew among the stars
   skirted between planets
   cracked open doors
   to distant worlds.

                                       I dreamt
                                       I plunged into the deep
                                          touched ocean floors
                                          sifted through sand
                                          for hidden treasure.

I dreamt
I tunneled to earth’s core
midst roiling, writhing magma
set free the Watchers* waiting
for redemption.

                                         I woke
                                         I drifted toward the sun
                                            and grasped a ray
                                            to turn back time
                                            into my dreams.

*Watchers: From Biblical Apocrypha:

In the Book of Enoch, the watchers are angels dispatched to Earth to watch over the humans.

They soon begin to lust for human women, and at the prodding of their leader Samyaza, they defect en masse to illicitly instruct and procreate among humanity. The offspring of these unions are the Nephilim, savage giants who pillage the earth and endanger humanity. Samyaza and associates further taught their human charges arts and technologies such as weaponry, cosmetics, mirrors, sorcery, and other techniques that would otherwise be discovered gradually over time by humans, not foisted upon them all at once. The Greek myth of Prometheus revealing fire-making to humans without Zeus’s permission is likely a variant of the same ancient legend, and it is possible also that ancient legends among many cultures about cannibalistic giants and pervasive implementation of magical powers (such as in the tale Jack and the Beanstalk) arise from the same ancient mythology that came to inspire the Books of Enoch. Eventually God allows a Great Flood to rid the earth of the Nephilim, but first sends Uriel to warn Noah so as not to eradicate the human race. While Genesis says that the Nephilim remained “on the earth” even after the Great Flood, Jude says that the Watchers themselves are bound “in the valleys of the Earth” until Judgment Day. (Excerpt from Wikipedia)


32 thoughts on “Quantum Leap

  1. trisha says:

    dreams can take us everywhere we want to but cant.

    just adored the poem.


  2. Thanks, everyone, for your visits. I’m having trouble accessing other websites/blogs and will do my best to return visits next week.


  3. magical tale..
    well done.


  4. I absolutely love this! Strange maybe, but while I was reading, I was mentally “flying” through your words.


  5. Poem fabulous. Background chilling. Illustration lovely. Wonderful post. Thanks! 🙂


  6. Luke Prater says:

    phantasmagoric…. you rock with words, Victoria


  7. Kavita says:

    Simply fantastic!! I enjoyed dreaming this dream with you, Victoria… 🙂
    LOVED the last stanza.. where you didn’t really allow those morning rays to disturb you while you were dreaming…. really sweet!!
    I think I can very well relate to this one… 🙂
    Reading this poem reminded me of Jules Verne’s books… I think I wanna read them again!!


  8. tigerbrite says:

    I loved your dream. It is as though you became one with the earth herself.
    The Watchers still lower the vibrations here with their sensory love of the material.


  9. Olivia says:

    This is so Enchanting!

    Thanks for sharing the little story as well- some intense epic it seems..

    I loved how well you have woven your words to express your wishes- AMEN!

    Love xox


  10. Carl says:

    Ah, really big beauty in this!


  11. Aleza says:

    I love that your journey encompasses the earth and sky exploring not only the depths of the ocean and the earth’s core but also the limitless heavens.


  12. seabell says:

    Powerful, yet so beautiful… Dream empowerment!!!


  13. Pat Cegan says:

    Interesting poem and layout. The info afterwards reminds me of the messages from the Pleiadians channeled by Barbara Marcinlak. Pretty fantastic theory expecially if you couple it with crop circles which keep appearing. Good job, Victoria! Hugs, pat


  14. Yes, I guess on Judgrment Day it’ll come out in the wash.

    Never heard about all the mirror, cosmetics and such coming into being like that. Sorcery indeed.

    And I really like the line in the poem about cracking the door open to other worlds. I visualize someone peeking through to the other side.



  15. lolamouse says:

    What a great poem! I love learning about ancient myths, especially when they tie in with other stories. Thank you!


  16. pamela says:

    Victoria, you have woven this tale perfectly with your words.



  17. Dick Jones says:

    Via this powerful piece of visionary travelling, we are reminded of just how much ancillary myth and sorcery there is in and around the Old Testament.


  18. Artswebshow says:

    Wow, excellent.
    We all need to go back to sleep every once in a while.
    To swim in the ocean and get knocked out and eaten by a pistol shrimp. lol


  19. Bodhirose says:

    Thanks for the background on the Watchers–scary. Powerful story and a powerful “quantum leap” you took there too.


  20. Jingle says:

    what a wild ride,
    keep dreaming and wake up smiling…

    outer space and the core of earth are both places that haunts creative minds..

    well done.



  21. Jade says:

    I like the use of repetition here and the structure of each stanza. The topic of dreams is also an interesting one and you’ve managed to express these connected dreams in a clear, yet creative manner. Great!! 🙂 🙂


  22. ladynimue says:

    thank you for this wonderful tale .. I love rading such legends 🙂

    and an enjoyable poem too ..


  23. Nanka says:

    The poem is well done and enjoyable too!!

    That was a huge quantum leap from the heights to the depths and back, up again. I was reminded of Superman, Batman and Robin Victoria!!


  24. Jessica says:

    I loved this, it’s very wistful and dreamy. Shame we have to wake up!



  25. souldipper says:

    I’d welcome a jump like that! What a trip, thanks, Victoria.

    Wow, look at this blog!


  26. Cheryl says:

    This was a fun look into a sci-fi dream, Victoria. I like it a lot and enjoyed the backstory on the Watchers. Thanks for sharing.


  27. Scent of my heart says:

    To turn back time into my dreams …after the journey you took, that for sure will happen. Lovely Potluck contribution!


  28. Bill Sigler says:

    This really gives me chills. I’ve never seen a poem on Enoch’s journey before, even though it is about as epic as they get. The “explanatory” note is also fascinating, the core of new age philosophy connected to the most mainstream of sources. I’d like to see more of this!


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