And I Will Die–NaPoWriMo #3

Sun & Clouds. Portland, Oregon.
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On that morning
     birds will shatter stillness
     chant their purty, purty, purty
     languish in the heady scent of citrus blooms

On that morning
     light will slip through gauzy curtains while
     dust motes dance, abandoned to
     the whisperings of April’s breath

On that morning
     clouds will roll in like frothy waves
     stretch to lick the azure sky
     dissolve into fragments of remembrance

On that morning
     alone in the first kiss of dawn
     I will die
     and live again.

Written for the third day’s challenge at NaPoWriMo:

And they gave us this one: Here’s a third prompt for those of you who like to get ahead of the curve. This one is adapted from Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones, a book my parents gave me when I was 14 or so and they noticed I was constantly scribbling things down. So here goes: Cesar Vallejo wrote a pretty famous poem that begins with him saying that he will die in Paris, in the rain, on a Thursday (different translations from the Spanish make it hard to quote precisely in English). So go ahead and write a poem predicting your own death — at night in Omaha at the Shell Station, in an underwater Mexican grotto after a dry spell. It’s less morbid than you think!

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday:

23 thoughts on “And I Will Die–NaPoWriMo #3

  1. chris says:

    This is lovely and magical. A beautiful ending that isn’t an ending. Found this one through the link from Dani’s blog.


  2. a stunning piece for death,
    bless you..


  3. gospelwriter says:

    Oh, I love this {claps hands} – not morbid at all, but enchanting… not an ending but a new beginning. Beautiful form, and image too.


  4. Jamie Dedes says:

    A most gracious collection and the most perfect photo to illustrate. I like this a lot, Victoria. Thank you! … Rather like the Japanese custom of death poems. Nice! … and not morbid at all …


  5. Patti says:

    I love the form of this. And your words say so much about where we fit into the grand scheme of things. A new day dawns, just like any other day, we die, and life goes on.


  6. Beautiful, love the use of contrast and metaphor. Well done!


  7. hedgewitch says:

    A nice weave of images and sensations, and a reminder that life and death are not as far apart as we suppose.


  8. Beautiful and haunting


  9. brian says:

    some times we must die to live…love the beautiful imagery of your one shot…smiles.


  10. Chris G. says:

    Symbolic, and a beautiful parade of imagery – a visual intensive delight at once soothing and sweet. It is about death, but it transcends, and addresses the topic in anything but darkness. Beautiful creation.


  11. moondustwriter says:

    Love the symbolism intertwined into this piece Victoria

    A beautiful poem to welcome the day



  12. yelena m. says:

    Love this poem, Victoria. With a theme as death, you’ve managed to create a unique vision of it which doesn’t scare but caress within the graceful flow of lines. Thank you so much for sharing.


  13. soulprincess says:

    powerful visuals.. and you’ve got that ‘purty purty purty’ so correctly!


  14. Bodhirose says:

    So beautifully done, Victoria. I look at death as a very natural moving on–you portrayed it that way too.

    I decided to take up the challenge and write about my death, here it is:

    Thanks for helping get my creativity flowing again!


  15. trisha says:

    just awesome victoria- what an imagination. fabulous read.


  16. Mike Patrick says:

    I like everything you write, but this is wonderful. What fabulous descriptions. Somewhere a frame is waiting for this poem.


  17. seabell says:

    Here is something we have in common: I am very sensitive to the first morning lights, sounds and feelings. Besides, I just love the final ambiguity after the first descriptive stanzas…


  18. The poem has lovely flow..written beautifully


  19. I like it. You made it anything but morbid. You made it what it should be – a sweet transition. Blessings, Victoria…


  20. souldipper says:

    A graceful rise to greet the occasion, Victoria.


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