Monsieur Vincent

July 23, 2011 I am linking this poem to dVerse Poet’s Pub for Brian Miller’s prompt:


Monsieur Vincent, are these your boots?
They speak of pain, hard work and tears,
years of loss and darkness.

Or did they belong to a miner who died?
To one you served in those early days,
days of loss and darkness.

Monsieur Vincent, why did you try?
You saw the world in blue and orange,
a world of loss and darkness.

Did you wear those boots the day you died,
the day you tried and failed to find
the end of loss and darkness.

The world now knows an artist who sought,
who longed to love, to give of himself
in spite of loss and darkness.


29 thoughts on “Monsieur Vincent

  1. David says:

    Deep poem, evocative interpretation, and a moving tribute to the artist.


  2. Ann Grenier says:

    Your repetition, “Years of loss and darkness” is so appropriate to the painting.The boots speak of such pain.


  3. signed .............bkm says:

    The Monsieur committed his life to loss and darkness and maybe even understood that is what it would be….or maybe he thought he could save it…those are the questions this writing brings to my mind but no matter the artist absorbed the meaning left in the shoes and left the world a beautiful legacy…to ponder…bkm


  4. jinksy says:

    Those boots look anything but comfortable…


  5. G E Wright says:

    Excellent meter and the rhyme patter you used was fitting. Very nice!!


  6. mark says:

    Wow, that’s pretty much all I can say…


  7. poemblaze says:

    Sensitive portrayal of pain and struggle.


  8. Lori McClure says:

    This was lovely and warm. It drew me in to consider his story ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. marousia says:

    Old boots are always so evocative – I guess we will never know the answers to the poignant questions you pose. Nice use of tercets and metre.


  10. hedgewitch says:

    The loss and darkness refrain resounds in my ear, makes the poem, to me. The shoes are poignant with the feet that filled them, much as our lives must look if they could be so personified. Well done, Victoria


  11. When I saw the prompt the first thing I thought of was Vincent’s shoes. The second thing was to quickly look and see what others did, and I saw yours (so I went another way). I’m glad you wrote about this great painting because of the warmth of feeling you bring.


  12. brian says:

    nice…ove how you really bring out who he is in the closing stanza…think i might be able to relate to this guy…smiles. nice textures through out…


  13. Thank you for your thoughtful and compassionate poem.


  14. I love Van Gogh’s art, and this is a great write, thoughtful & poignant. Enjoyed very much, thanks!


  15. leah says:

    Wow, good of you to re-post this poem. thank you.


  16. DW says:

    a beautiful write to one of my favorite artist….well done!


  17. Gay says:

    I’ve seen this painting. Maybe at the Musee d’Orsay or perhaps the Kimball when that exhibit was there. Vincent has been a companion of mine most of my life. I love this tribute to him because those shoes exude love and careful observation. Beautiful Victoria, thank you.


  18. tashtoo says:

    I think this is wonderful as its written! And what a perfect response to Brian’s prompt at dVerse today! Love the art, the words, the entire presentation! And I love Vincent…so, perfection have I found. ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. Jamie Dedes says:

    What a sensitive and dear homage to van Goug. Lovely.


  20. ladynimue says:

    I like this ,,, love the hopeful end ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. honeyhaiku says:

    This is so lovely and poignant there is a feel of melancholia
    amongst the verse.


  22. Bodhirose says:

    Beautifully done, Victoria! I love this–such deep feeling.

    I’m linking a poem I wrote some time ago on the art of raku. It’s a favorite pottery art form of mine.


  23. Interesting poem..I like the first line “Monsieur Vincent, are these your boots?” very interactive to the image


  24. trisha says:

    splendid poem, loved the way your imagination journeyed and created a splendid poetry.


  25. Here is one short story I posted today, I’d love to have yor opinion when you have time, Thanks Victoria!


  26. everydaylifestyles says:

    Excellent post thanks for sharing this. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Reading poems is something I truly enjoy. It’s very relaxing and soothing.

    Raining Purple Rain – Haiku Poem


  27. Ekphrastic in Greek means very well expressed, it goes so well with your poem. I love the question Monsieur Vincent, are these your boots?, reading it in the beginning says there will be story to unfold. Very nice Victoria! As always!


  28. kshawnedgar says:

    Waldow and I both have boots like these, well worn. Mine are in the trunk of my car; Waldow’s, in the back of his pickup. This poem reads so smooth and clear. It has a voice like the painting itself.


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