Monday Morning Writing Prompt: the Infamous Wordle

The Unautorized Autobiography of my Unborn Twin.

Image by 顔なし via Flickr

Last week I read a poem posted by Blaga at  Something about her word choices struck me and I felt compelled to read it aloud. I could not resist selecting a handful of words from her poem to create a WORDLE, everyone’s favorite prompt (or not). Feel free to use a few or all of these words to inspire poetry or flash fiction. I will post my attempt later in the week.

I have no idea how to create those cute little wordle things, so here is just a plain old list of “delicious” words for you to work with:


I hope you enjoy this…and Thank You Blaga!


7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Writing Prompt: the Infamous Wordle

  1. Bodhirose says:

    Here’s my wordle flash fiction using Blaga’s beautiful words that you chose, Victoria. Thanks, Blaga! Thanks, Victoria!


  2. Tino11 says:

    Well, I had a pop at it and the one word that just didn’t fit was whimsy, the rest are in there somewhere.

    Hope you enjoy if you read.


  3. Tino11 says:

    Need to think on this one for sure, but will probably have a pop at it later on.

    First time I have come across Wordle, theres my “Learn something new every day” criteria satisfied, so thanks for that.


  4. trisha says:

    sounds intriguing.


  5. You’re welcome Victoria!


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