Royal Wedding

Prince William and Catherine Middleton - First...

To be honest, I haven’t followed much of the hoopla about the marriage of Kate and William that took place today (at an ungodly hour here in California), but it has brought to mind memories. I’m old enough to remember the coronation of Queen Elizabeth but I was young enough to have paper dolls of the Queen and dreams of what it would be like to be a princess. Much later, I watched the wedding of Diana and Charles and witnessed all the tragedy the unfolded in subsequent years. And so, these are the thoughts that rumble in my mind and asked to be expressed poetically. My prayers are with the couple, that life be kind to them and they be faithful to each other.

Royal Wedding

Little girl princess-dreams arise
like steam from underneath the streets.

A world unknown to most, at best
inhabited by elegance and power,
masking seeds of betrayal or basking
in a sun-blest meadow?

Hold the future tenderly—a butterfly
borne away upon a breath of spring,
the fragile petal of a poppy torn apart by lust,
the shattering of vows once spoken?

Or love that lingers like a kiss till death
violates illusion of a life beyond destruction.


13 thoughts on “Royal Wedding

  1. trisha says:

    all the best to the lovers that are now husband and wife. 🙂 may they all have a beautiful, full life.

    just loved the poem victoria. you captured it perfectly- the uncertainty of nuptial life.


  2. I really enjoyed your lovely poem. Of course I had a very different take on the topic in my It’s Royally Over limerick 🙂


  3. A truth and sadness …you had your feelings mixed here


  4. ShadiatiQue says:

    Usually weddings are nice and full of happiness. This wedding was sad, I was missing Princess Diana so much.

    Your poem is stunning, you could describe the whole issue very well. Loved it.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Bodhirose says:

    Yes, exactly…


  6. Mama Zen says:

    This is lovely!


  7. SallyJ says:

    As you say, life does impose upon dreams. Like the poem.
    Share the sentiments…they do look more rooted in the real world as a couple so I am hopeful


  8. leah says:

    Really, It was a beautiful day. I love romance. nice spin


  9. Ahhhh, Victoria, my favorite named poet. WHat a romantic you are. Loved the last two lines. Classic; should be framed.


  10. souldipper says:

    I stayed up all night and watched the live telecast. I asked that this be real. I asked that this couple, giving reach to youth around the world, bring unity to a world that needs to have love and integrity validated.


  11. brian says:

    you have done well walking the tightrope between the fairy tale and reality…my boys (6 & 8) got up to watch as they wanted to see how a princess was made…that was my fairy tale…smiles.


  12. hedgewitch says:

    I have mixed feelings about it all, and you’ve described them well here. It’s very hard to live a real fairytale.


  13. I like that this poem illustrates the dichotomy between bliss and darkness, and that on one hand, we wish for eternal happiness in marriage, we are also realistic enough to know that even love can be tainted in time.

    Good work! 😀


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