Cricket’s Song

Northern mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)

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Cricket’s Song

When I awaken to sounds
of mockingbirds and scents
of jasmine blooming

and ducks begin
their mating nods and bobs
and doves build nests

when breezes billow
fluttering the leaves
scattering pear blossoms

and winter slips away
behind the blush of bronze
on snow-topped peaks

I know that soon the earth
will warm to sunlight’s touch
and revel in the song of summer.

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19 thoughts on “Cricket’s Song

  1. Such beauty described in your poetry! I love this one and am looking forward to the summer too! xx


  2. Bodhirose says:

    Yes, all those things herald summer. How lovely your words, Victoria–so soothing.


  3. trisha says:

    a divine poem, capturing spring, hope so beautifully.


  4. I love the style of your imagery. This poem feels so peaceful and alive at the same time. Good work! 😀


  5. Beautiful! What a way to announce summer. Great voice.


  6. You are mightily talented, Victoria. I enjoyed very much reading your poem, Cricket’s Song. I love summertime, even in the very warm places I’ve lived during the latter years of my life. Blessings to you…


  7. Anna :o] says:

    Lovely imagery. I’m there!


  8. ayala says:

    Lovely and serene…love the imagery.


  9. claudia says:

    i love the quiet beauty you’ve woven into your lines victoria..could be a meditation


  10. knightsheart says:

    I love your spring in words. I am ready to revel in summer!


  11. budhaaah says:

    Beautiful! soaking in the warm write.


  12. leah says:

    lovely, thank you.


  13. Reflections says:

    Beauty… pure and simple.


  14. Jamie Dedes says:

    This is lovely and may all your life be such.

    RE: Your question on my site about class with Ellen Bass. No. Never took a writing class in my life. 🙂 That would be wonderful.


  15. Joe Hesch says:

    Such a feeling of warmth I got from reading this piece, Victoria.


  16. Kim Nelson says:

    Utterly gorgeous. You saturated me senses and allowed me to experience your springtime world. Thank you!


  17. Tino11 says:

    Goodbye winter, hello summer, soon we can all revel in the song of summer.


  18. brian says:

    ah i am listening for that song…come on summer…smiles. love the imagery…well played on the prompt


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