Monday Morning Writing Prompt: Headliners


Image by Gary Thomson via Flickr

Fiction and poetry writers can find inspiration for their writing in daily newspapers or on-line news sources. I’m sure many of us recognize story lines from real life events in TV dramas. For today’s prompt, browse the news and find your own inspiration for a poem or short fiction.

Please link your work to this post in comments. I’ll add mine later this week. Now, I’m off to find a story.


21 thoughts on “Monday Morning Writing Prompt: Headliners

  1. Kalahari blues says:

    absolutely love your layout!


  2. […] This is a short, short story written for Monday Morning Writing Prompt. I based it on a short news account of a prisoner in Florida who attempted to break out by beating a brick wall with his bare fists. The name and details are all fictional. […]


  3. Bodhirose says:

    It’s a bit late in the week, but here’s my entry, Victoria.


  4. […] Monday Morning Writing Prompt: […]


  5. Siggi in Maine says:

    I followed thru on Madeline Begin Kane’s mention about Hilary Clinton being photoshopped out of the situation room photo…
    what food for thought.
    It tops the Headline of the Maine Governor removing a mural from the Labor Department conference room because he thought it biased decisions made there.
    Thank you Madeline.


  6. Victoria,

    I posted a story about home invasions as there are so many articles in the paper all the time about it. I hope this fits the Monday Morning Writing Pormpt ….. even though it’s Tuesday.
    ~~~~ : – )


  7. A great idea for a source of inspiration. One of these days I’ll definitely be participating in your “Monday Morning Writing Prompt” ! Thanks 😀 xx


  8. My other blog (Political Madness) routinely draws its limerick inspiration from news headlines, like this one about Hillary Clinton being photoshopped out of the iconic Situation Room photo by a Brooklyn NY Hasidic newspaper.


  9. Jamie Dedes says:

    Nice, nice idea for inspiration. I remember when mystery writers would search the newspapers for idea .. back in the day when crime was reported on differently than it is now.


  10. trisha says:

    this is going to ban interesting one victoria. will post and add.


  11. Tino11 says:

    This is a sporting headline from yesterday. The Manchester United v Chelsea game, which to all intense and purpose, gives Man Utd their 19th league title.


  12. […] My submission to the Monday Morning Writing Prompt. […]


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