Prison Break–Monday Morning Writing Prompt

Alcatraz Escape Cell

Image by derekskey via Flickr

This is a short, short story written for Monday Morning Writing Prompt. I based it on a short news account of a prisoner in Florida who attempted to break out by beating a brick wall with his bare fists. The name and details are all fictional.

Attempted Prison Break

Bad boy!

His mother’s voice echoed in the hollows of his memory as they slammed him against a wall and wrestled his hands behind his back.

Bad boy! You’ll never amount to anything. Howie guessed she was right.

They hauled him down a narrow hallway, lit only by a faltering fluorescent bulb, shoved him in an empty cell, removed the cuffs and slammed the door shut.

All he wanted was to be free. Free to run. To run away from his memories. To run away from his life. He didn’t even know why he’d assaulted that old lady, except that she limped just like his mother.

Bad boy! Bad boy! Bad boy! Over and over the words sounded in his brain.

It wasn’t until the next day that he felt the throbbing pain beneath bulky bandages on both his hands.

“What the hell did you do to me?” he asked the guard who brought him a mug of tepid, bitter coffee.

“You don’t remember, you stupid kid? Look.”

Howie turned his head to see what the guard was pointing at.

The older man snorted. “Did you really think you could beat your way out of here with your bare fists? The wall’s solid brick, you moron.”

The kid looked at the bandages again, at the wall, at the guard.

“Your mother’s on her way, but I wouldn’t count on her to make your bail. She wasn’t happy.”

Bad boy! Howie heard the mantra over and over yet again. He smiled. At least, this time, he’d lived up to her expectations.

12 thoughts on “Prison Break–Monday Morning Writing Prompt

  1. klrs09 says:

    So sad the damage abuse does to our world — I know it’s fiction, but. . .


  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    Well done and probably the story of more than one poor boy.

    Victoria thanks for your contributions here:


    On Dispatch I used some info you sent in your email. I credited you at the bottom. May not be immediately apparent.



  3. Congratulations! You’ve won yet another Limerick-Off Honorable mention, this one for your two-verse limerick: Limerick of the Week.



    • Thanks, Mad. I encourage other readers of my blog to visit this very fun, light-hearted prompt that posts on Sunday. Even if you just read some of the entries, you will have some good laughs.


  4. brian says:

    ugh i see this often in my work…living up to a parents expectations…if all you feed kids is negative what do you expect…very nice..


  5. Isadora says:

    Howie seems to have a few issues with his Mother. Mmmmm … I see prison therapy in his future.

    This was sad account. How tortured he must be. I did feel sorry for him in the end. Very nice, Victoria.

    Namaste, Izzy


  6. trisha says:

    some parents truly are like hers! they can goad their kids to hell.


  7. Poor guy, I felt sorry for him. I can imagine what kind of mother he’s got …


  8. Tino says:

    Lived down to her expectations more like 😉

    Very interesting short, with a very unique escape plot.


  9. Bodhirose says:

    Oh, man–poor Howie. I can’t help but feel kinda sorry for the poor kid.

    I love your take on that prompt, Victoria. I didn’t notice that story in our local paper. 🙂


  10. ladynimue says:

    This was stunning ! I some how missed the prompt .. will attempt soon 🙂


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