Andante–One Stop Poetry

Photo: Walter Parada

I am linking this to One Stop Poetry for both One Shoot Sunday where the prompt is inspired by the photography of Walter Parada and One Stop Form. Today’s form is the high octain, created by Luke Prater.

high octain

adagio thoughts inhabit me
beside the mountains or the shore
i live for music, nothing more

alone and aimless though i be
i play the blues and drink my booze
then jazz it up to vivace

when morning comes, i toss the score
adagio thoughts return to me

adagio thoughts conquer me
gravissimo my spirit’s core
i leave my music at the door

though from myself i hope to flee
i find my muse in nature’s clues
a gift of music sets me free

once more allow melodic roar
as dolce thoughts come back to me.

Musical Notations:

gravissimo—most grave

10 thoughts on “Andante–One Stop Poetry

  1. yelena m. says:

    i’m positively drowning in these musical waves…absolutely stunning, Victoria.


  2. Luke Prater says:

    Excellent V – I saw you posted it on the board? I can give you more feedback there


  3. Tino says:

    Certainly a fine effort. I struggle with syllable counts, its the hardest part I think of the Octain. To attempt the High Octain is admirable, even if there might be the odd discrepency in syllable count.


  4. claudia says:

    love your high octain victoria – esp. the use of the italian music language makes for a great effect.

    only thing – in these two lines:

    adagio thoughts return to me
    adagio thoughts conquer me

    if you make adagio a three syllable word then line one has 8 syllables – but if you make adagio a three syllable word in line two it has only 7 syllables. i think i would make it a three syllable word but you could in line two make it four syllables to get the meter right by writing it a-da-gi-o – this would even have a slow down effect for the reading. just a suggestion – and maybe a bit a long-winded one…hope you know what i try to say…lol… i love to play the blues as well with my saxophone…smiles…loved your poem…


  5. Wonderful poem though I’m glad you put some of the word definitions at the bottom. xx


  6. Love the musical metaphors — effective use of the High Octain.


  7. souldipper says:

    Thoroughly loved this, Victoria!


  8. brian says:

    nice…love the music refernces through out…very well played…smiles. pun intended…


  9. klrs09 says:

    That was lovely. And a very cool photo, to boot.


  10. jgavinallan says:

    Victoria this is sweet. Thanks for the music lesson…i was little lost.
    But now I’m found



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