Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Get Inside the Artist

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I just finished reading a novel about Ernest Hemingway’s first wife–Hadley–entitled The Paris Wife. A part of the experience was that it allowed me to creep inside the author’s disturbed psyche and feel something of what he must have felt.

For this week’s writing prompt, I challenge you to select a well-known artist or literary figure and try to assume their persona. Read up a bit on their personal life and world view, if you need to, then write a poem or short fiction from their point of view and/or in their voice.

Take Hemingway, for example. You could write something that sounds like what he would write OR you could articulate an emotion that you might ascribe to him–perhaps his insecurity at the beginning of his career, the guilt he felt when he was unfaithful, the deep depression that preceded his suicide.

Choose someone you think you can understand or with whom you can identify. Or an author/artist whose work is familiar to you.

Hope this one is fun for you.

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Get Inside the Artist

  1. trisha says:

    this sure would have been a tough nut. 🙂


  2. brian says:

    nice. cool challenge…let me think on it today…guess my Close piece from friday could qualify but let me see what i can come up with…

    hope you had a great monday!


  3. jgavinallan says:


    This sounds like fun…will have to think..but will try



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