Happily Never After–One Shot Poetry


Image by tuchodi via Flickr

Happily Never After

Grandpa Ed struck a claim in Gold Country
when he was seventy-one years old.
Twenty-two years later he lost his vision
and his driver’s license.
Nobody had time to drive him anywhere
so he sold his red Ford pickup and died.

Mom met with us kids,
to explain how they’d freeze her body
and put her in the same hole as daddy.
She’d get to be on top for a change.
The surprise happened a few months later
when we buried my sister instead.

Last month in the desert, a pair of mourning
doves awakened me too early every morning.
Their cries reminded me of all I couldn’t have.
The last day I saw a mound of gray feathers
in a grove of trees. A rainbow filled the overcast sky while
the crow in a low-hanging branch looked satisfied.

Today I sat across from my friend at lunch.
She told me her husband was in a wheel chair now
and asked about
the early symptoms of dementia.
“You better get Power of Attorney,” I told her.
“Everyone who needs it has a copy of mine.”

It won’t be long now, I’m afraid,
before we have to put the dog down.

One of my darker poems, linked to One Shot Wednesday: http://onestoppoetry.com

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27 thoughts on “Happily Never After–One Shot Poetry

  1. wow! Powerful and dark,this just blew me away! I have a thing for the dark stuff by the way.I thoroughly enjoyed it


  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    The title is worth its weight. I love it, Victoria.

    Such wonderously dark humor and the end is both a surprise and a gas!

    Very, very good. Thanks for the smiles.


  3. Yikes! Dark, but good.


  4. Fred says:

    Victoria, I really liked the narrative tone to your piece. And absolutely love the way you set the ending up. Quality work, really enjoyed this, thanks for posting:)


  5. Luke Prater says:

    You and your dark humour… I love it. The ending’s a riot. I have to say I have a bit of that in me too… you never fail to disappoint, V x


  6. ALIVE aLwaYs says:

    That was some stuff, my mood benighted. Nice write, absorbing every word I am.


  7. Christina says:

    Very moving! I love it.


  8. trisha says:

    this was sad, gloomy but beautifully crafted.


  9. brenda w says:

    Dark and engaging. “Their cries reminded me of all I never had.” This is a beautiful piece. My piece for One Shot is about death, too. It’s called “we all go sometime.” It’s absolutely the truth.


  10. Kavita says:

    Dark is a real small word for this one…
    But I must say, amazingly well written! Each was like a slap on the face… and it came when least expected sorta!! Gosh… it really takes an awesome write to do that!!

    Kudos, my dear Victoria! Your writing totally inspires me!


  11. barbara says:

    Much truth is looking at us right in the face…enjoying each day and all its blessings …each day such a blessing with family and with pets….bkm


  12. […] also to Victoria for the encouragement and help in understanding the Haiku. Its a form I have fallen in love with, […]


  13. Bodhirose says:

    Some people do live “happily never after”. Perhaps “darkness” is more a part of our lives than we would like to admit. Well done, Victoria!


  14. Quoth the Raven – Nevermore… 🙂 Quite a talent you have for the spine-tingling chill, Victoria


  15. Tino says:

    I do love dark poetry, but I was suprised by this, its unlike anything I have read of yours as yet.

    We often mourn animlas/pets as much as we mourn family and friends, I prefer to remember good times and celebrate life, although the hurt is still there.

    Marvelous piece that shows a different side of your writing.


    • I actually have written a fair amount of dark stuff…comes from working with death and dying my whole life. I have a somewhat macabre leaning at times. Some of it fictional, some drawn from life.


  16. Dark indeed! Alas, loosing people, mourning and doves tears are part of life.


  17. ayala says:

    This is dark and it made me feel sad.
    Nice write.


  18. Artswebshow says:

    The first verse said it all.
    The deterioration that comes with age is a sad story indeed.
    Great job with this


  19. The ending is loud and effective. Great writing, lil dark or not, still the great skill that makes Victoria one of my favs.



  20. souldipper says:

    You created an environment that feels like I’ve stumbled and can’t quite regain my balance.


  21. Helena White says:

    Very moving and yes a dark piece..well done…


  22. jgavinallan says:

    This is so sad. I did not expect the end. To say it was emotional…is an understatement.



  23. brian says:

    damn. vicious ending…yes a dark write that encompasses much but very well writ…


  24. ladynimue says:

    Very dark !
    Guess i have read a dark one on your page after a long time ..


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