Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Art Inspiring Art

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Oftentimes, art of one genre will inspire another form of art. Think of novels that have morphed into movies, mythological stories that have inspired opera, painting or art, or just about any art form that tickles the poet’s muse.

For this week’s prompt, I’d like to invite you to go to the movies, listen to a symphony or visit an art museum. A trip back in your memory will also do. Take in the experience with all your senses and let your inner poet loose and see what comes out. Ventures into prose are also welcome.

Here’s a poem that I wrote after watching an old movie on Turner Classic Movies. In it I tried to capture some of the elements of the film noir genre:

Film Noir

Radiance cuts through
a haze of smoke.
The room is full of bad guys.
Heads turn
when you walk in.
Evil disrobes
itself of ugliness—
evil masked
in moonlight.

We inhabit a world
cast in black and white.
of gray.
Life in shadowed frames
by the moon.

Femme fatale,
a leaf tossed about
in the wind,
I hand myself over to you
and wind up
in the gutter.

Convoluted roads
we follow.
Convoluted plots
shaded in deception.
left to die
next to a pile of garbage
in the corner
of a stinkin’ alley.

Because of you
I accept
my wasted life.

Don’t forget to link your work in the comments section of the post. I will be offline this week but will respond as soon as I can.


10 thoughts on “Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Art Inspiring Art

  1. Victoira,

    This poem is so full of feeling. I love what you did with it. This is a very interesting challenge as all of your challenges are.

    I submit for your assesment my story of two lovers observed at a distance by a past lover. A painting is the inspiration. Art junkie that I am, I can never get enough. Enjoy …!!!!



  2. klrs09 says:

    Interesting. . .


  3. dani says:

    oh, i meant to tell you about SPARK ~ artists, photographers, musicians and writers pair up to do an inspiration piece and response piece ~ the whole idea is art inspiring art. i’ve participated four times and it was an amazing experience every time. SPARK Rounds take place in February, May, August, and October.


  4. dani says:

    absolutely FABulous poem, Victoria! i can hear Bogie and see that femme fatale catching his eye! especially love ~

    “We inhabit a world
    cast in black and white.
    of gray.
    Life in shadowed frames
    by the moon.”

    i often draw inspiration from art, photographs, music ~ this poem started with a John Waterhouse painting which led me to a Metallica song then to the poem. {giggle} kind of a twisted road, i know. really had fun with this one ~ carpe diem, baby!


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  6. brian says:

    ah love that you chose noir, you create nice textures of it in your words…was just thinking tonight we should try a fil clip as the prompt at dverse one day…


  7. Bodhirose says:

    I love what you came up with, Victoria–it caught the feel of those films so well and I loved “stinkin’ alley”!

    I chose to write about a favorite old movie of mine that ended up mirroring my own life in some ways.


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  9. Jamie Dedes says:

    I love what you did with this poem and that you chose film noir. It’s so good … and so is the prompt suggestion. Well done, Victoria! 🙂


  10. jgavinallan says:

    Your poem is so mysterious…just like that genre…I love watching those movies..they have such dark quality…and I think they have the first attempt to make the hero(not perfect)
    “I hand myself over to you, and wind up in the gutter” OH BOY! Now that is a line!


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