Nature’s Seduction


Image by Ian BC North via Flickr

Nature’s Seduction

Hostas unfurl leafy tongues,
lick the dew,
quench their thirst.

Submitted to Jingle’s Poetry Potluck where this week’s theme is Nature:


I will be offline this week but will do my best to visit when I return.

23 thoughts on “Nature’s Seduction

  1. Short, wise, beautiful and right to the point!


  2. Beautiful, sensual too.


  3. Kathy says:

    Beautiful — and right now my hostas are getting drenched!


  4. brian says:

    nice personification of the leaves…evocative…


  5. PhotoDiction says:

    Very nice – a luscious image conveyed in few words.


  6. Angela Cohan says:

    lovely work, as always


  7. Jamie Dedes says:

    What a vivid poem, Victoria!

    I hope your are off-line to do something fun ….

    Thanks for your visits and for the piece for “Dispatch.” I did use it and gave you credit with link. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, you my try to. The interview with Anna Montgomery is most interesting. Think you will like it.

    Take care, Victoria!



  8. honeyhaiku says:

    This is lovely. Enjoyed the hosta tongues!


  9. jgavinallan says:

    So sweet and innocent…nature at its best


  10. seabell says:

    So nice, Victoria! It takes a special look to perceive this kind of seduction…


  11. Very nice Haiku 🙂


  12. Hostas do look like they have tongues! Nice observation, Liv. My sister’s partner is obsessed with hostas, knows just about every variety… and they are all lovely – and thirsty! Amy


  13. souldipper says:

    That is so very sweet, Victoria! And so apt.


  14. David says:

    Tangible and evocative … well done!

    Thanks, Victoria, for your comment on my poem about Amy Winehouse. I didn’t follow her music, either, just the sad trail of misadventures. I think that under all of that weird get-up, she was an extraordinarily beautiful young woman with a God-given talent. Clearly her family loved her and are devastated by the loss.

    I was interested to read about your religious background — always nice to meet another Catholic poet! 🙂


  15. Sheila Moore says:

    ha…they do look like tongues – I love haiku and this one is one of my favorites 🙂


  16. Jingle says:

    short and powerful.


  17. Laurie Kolp says:

    You have captured the very essence of that picture with excellent word choice.


  18. Bodhirose says:

    I love those tropical hostas–beautiful, Victoria.


  19. very nice. I don’t usually like Haiku but this is quite good.


  20. Lynnaima says:

    nice imagery “lick the due” 🙂 enjoy the potluck!


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