Funereal Reflections

Karrakatta Cemetery grounds

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The world moves on in timeless reverie
while doves o’er head turn westward to their home;
yon raven waits upon a gnarly tree.
Two empty spaces rest beside your tomb
and night, tonight, descends on you alone.
We gather then, disperse and go our way
sure we shall live to tend another day.

Your life, a whisper in the ear of earth,
too soon forgotten by the race of men;
can we embrace the promise of rebirth?
The blackbird swoops and preys upon a wren
and we bear witness: cruel death again
invades a waking moment, ruptures ease,
forsakes our very search for timeless peace.

Linked to poetic form prompt presented by Gay Cannon. Check it out and give it a try!


18 thoughts on “Funereal Reflections

  1. David says:

    Victoria, this is a beautiful poem, and a superb application of the Rime Royal form — which, as you’ve commented, lends itself wonderfully to sacred themes. Well done!


  2. Your poem is powerful Victoria. Usually graveyards, death, funerals make me close my eyes and shut my ears, this one I read it … The timeless peace … it’s scary, to me at least. I’d like to have many more years with noise … I admire people who can write about such subjects, I personally can’t!


  3. Victoria,

    Lyrical and touching while expressing deep emtionals. Too beautiful for mere words.

    Izzy xoxox


  4. ALIVE aLwaYz says:

    The journey ends, and does our search for whatever. A lovely thought, and at last there’s peace, comforting for I may not deter from the end that waits everyone.


  5. mish says:

    Magnificently deep , dark and sombre … beautiful reflections !


  6. mm says:

    Wow, absolutely gorgeous! Your use of the form is spot on, and, always more important to me, you have a narrative that rests easily on the rhyme scheme. Terrific!


  7. brian miller says:

    alright i can feel your beat…smiles…the second stanza is really good victoria…cruel death invades each moment, and we know not when the clack birds call to us…


  8. Heaven says:

    Excellent use of the form and beautiful message ~ well done.

    And I like the themes of life an death ~

    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  9. Fitting form to theme is an art which you have mastered beautifully.You’ve persuaded me that I should have another try at it, this time taking my tongue out of my cheek.


  10. Bodhirose says:

    So this is how it’s done–it’s just perfect–the theme–the feeling of an ancient graveyard and yet hope for renewal. Excellent.


  11. Gay says:

    Woot woot!! Again a perfect execution. It is interesting that when this form is done well as you’ve done it here, it takes on the tone and weight of the classics. It really is quit beautiful and I think that’s why I was drawn to it. I am thrilled with your piece – it is truly elegiac, a deep consideration of the meaning of life and speed with which the memory of a life fades. Thank you so much for reading, writing, linking and supporting FormForAll and dVersepoets. Gay


  12. souldipper says:

    Can I say what Jaye said? At first I thought you were citing poetry written by one of the old masters as an example. But it’s yours! Truly an exquisite piece, Victoria, with so much in it!


  13. Sheila Moore says:

    oh man, victoria…a somber tale and that black bird – all of nature really – a constant reminder of our life cycle. IMHO we have to embrace the promise of rebirth to find peace in death. Great job on the form, too – it lends to the mood of your poem perfectly.


  14. Tom Eliot says:

    I really enjoyed this poem – an excellent wrestle with the Royal Ryhme form.

    I share your interest in the chosen subject and feel you treat it very well, having read your bio – which is amazing and very interesting – I see that you have real experience of the things you are writing about but this insight is imbedded in the poem and noticeable even without knowledge of your background.

    Some really good lines


  15. jgavinallan says:

    Deep and true poetry…this is something like Frost of Joyce or Yates might write…no kidding
    beautiful and powerful


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