Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Contrast

Rothko zoom in

Image by maureen lunn via Flickr

For today’s prompt I would like to turn to a tool that painters use in creating visual art: contrast. Contrast refers to the differences in color, value, texture, shape and so forth that add depth and excitement to the work. Without contrast, the outcome would be boring, monotonous. And so it is with life, don’t you agree?

I invite you to write a contrast poem or short piece of prose. You can work with color, opinions, light and dark–any two opposing concepts that you choose. Here’s mine:


Under a shade tree
the Buddha laughs. Sunspots dance
on his fat belly.

*Chiaroscuro: the artistic use of light and shade: the use of light and shade in paintings and drawings, or the effect produced by this.

Please link your poem in the comments section of this post and visit others who participate. Have fun with it.

The painting in the image is by abstract expressionist, Rothko.


29 thoughts on “Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Contrast

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Oh, lovely and wonderful Buddha too!

    I did one on this some time ago:

    You already read it. Thank you!


  2. vivinfrance says:

    If you read my 6-word Saturday, you’ll understand why my poem is so brief:


  3. Sorry I’m late, and for pinching your title!

    Your poem is lovely, reminds me of Sisley!


  4. […] liv2write2day at  A kind of rondeau, I wrote this days ago and forgot to post it – just as well, because […]


  5. David King says:

    Excellent prompt. Many thanks for it. I have tried to contrast the surface textures of a lake under different weather conditions.


  6. siggiofmaine says:

    Poem for Monday Morning Prompt: Contrast posted:
    “To See or not to See”

    ☮ ♥. Siggi in Sunny and warm Downeast Maine


  7. I can see the sunspots dance! This was lovely, and a fun poem to read aloud. Thanks, Amy


  8. David King says:

    a superb and really unusual prompt. I shall give it some consideration.


  9. brian says:

    nice…contrast is a good mechanism in both art and word art…i like your poem as well, serene and en-lightening…ha…

    he, the rock her waves
    broke frothily upon, an
    ocean teaming with fish

    ok i got nothing, just being goofy tonight…smiles.


  10. Oh, Victoria … your Haiku makes me want to rub
    the Buddha’s belly. This mad me smile. So Good ..!!!

    I am taking up the challenge for this week. Here it is, a feverish snippet – fiction – of course. ~~ : – )


  11. Debbie Dawnslight says:

    Made my heart smile…
    Wonderful prompt.


  12. sharmishtha says:

    that shade of pink is gorgeous. 🙂

    loved the haiku and the picture it created in mind.


  13. mish says:

    I looove the sound of the word “chiaroscuro” … so exotic … 🙂


  14. I recently wrote a poem of contrasts, but of a different kind. I shall mull over the question of colour/tone/texture contrasts – an essential part of a quilter’s armoury, and come back with something soon. Meanwhile, the sun and ripening blackberries are tempting me strongly to go for a productive walk!


  15. I will skip the prompt this week, but will come back to read how others did!

    I’d love if you could give your opinion on the last post at my blog, when you have the time!


  16. zongrik says:

    This sonnet contrasts dark and light:

    it was inspired by a picture taken by an astronaut from the International Space Station.


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