17 thoughts on “September–MMWP

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Yes! That’s exactly what it’s like. What fun …


  2. fish=kids from school … how clever is that! but there is some logic in it … a lot actually! my first days of school we always very beautiful, mini celebrations with flowers for the teachers, catching up with what happened over the summer, new kids … at least this is what we do in Bulgaria …


  3. Children similar to schools of fish … very clever. They do seem to follow – follow – follow – the
    first few days – then ….. ???? !!!! – enough said. ~~~~ : – )


  4. Bodhirose says:

    Yes, children are similar to fish–you can usually herd them in the direction you want them to go–but not always! Very cute, Victoria.


  5. brian says:

    a school of fish…smiles…yes it is a busy time of year, learning new rhythms…we did finally get out in time to catch the bus today…smiles.


  6. David King says:

    Clever haiku and brave to use the pun – which works excellently.


  7. mish says:

    Lovely image in your haiku … I can see the little ones spill onto the pavements , like batches of sardines washed along on the incoming tide … cute image too 🙂


  8. bendedspoon says:

    Thank you for my beautiful smile right now! Fun to read 🙂


  9. vivinfrance says:

    Nice simile. Had you been looking at the Nemo clip, I wonder?


  10. Absolutely love Nemo…who wouldn’t. Although that wasn’t quite the image I had in mind. :0)


  11. Good one! Enjoyed! Mine aren’t 5/7/5 but 3/53 and I wrote one about going back to school also, School Zones:


  12. zongrik says:

    uh huh…school of fish. you must LOVE Nemo. 🙂


    • zongrik says:

      i put the Nemo image in the wrong place, i put in with my comment to the general MMPW. I won’t repeat it here. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, read Virginia’s poem, and then my comment there. sorrrreeee


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