Golfing Pinehurst–a Collection of Haiku

Golfing Pinehurst
a Collection of Haiku

There is no rough on Pinehurst #2...only what they call "waste land." It behooves you to stay in the fairway. The bunkers were my downfall.

Pinehurst number two
home of the U.S Open ~
misty memories

This bronze statue commemorates Payne Stewart's U.S. Open win in 1999. He died soon after in a Plane Crash.

standing on the tee
lurking in giants’ footsteps
wasteland surrounds green

The "Wasteland"

I drove the green on this one then missed a 3' putt for my birdie. :0(

torrents of rain slice
sideways across the fairway
we golf anyway

There are a total of 8 courses at the Pinehurst Resort. On the 2nd day we played #8. It was wet at first but it just poured after the first 6 or 7 holes. We toughed it out for 11 but had to quit. We were soaked through and walking down the fairway you needed boots. This photo was taken before the rain set in.

During my blogging break, my husband and I spent two days golfing at one of the U.S. Open courses–Pinehurst, North Carolina. When my husband won this trip last year, I finally got serious about my game. Even now, I’m a high handicapper…as high as they will give you…but I’m amazed to find enjoyment on the course, most likely because golf submerges you in the beauty of nature.

Thank you to Gay Reiser Cannon at dVerse Poets Pub who gave us a comprehensive review of the art of classic Japanese Poetry, including haiku. I’ve been having trouble awakening my muse since returning home, and this is the first poem I’ve written in a while. I wanted to reflect a bit upon this experience.

Photo: David Slotto 9-22-11

All photos: David Slotto

35 thoughts on “Golfing Pinehurst–a Collection of Haiku

  1. Love the Haiku’s … don’t love golf … lived on a golf course for 3 months … the lawn mowers start at 4:00 a.m. … the spriklers are started right after … then the golfers. A little hard to sleep with that going on.
    BUT … it was lusciously green grass.
    Love the pix and hat …I love hats.


  2. tinkwelborn says:

    this is cool, how you used Golf and Pinehurst as your subject-matter.

    not being a golfer (Ho! lookout! I’m anathema here) I find this interesting and must rely upon your sensations and images. It comes through to me though that you Love this sport.

    I like the 2nd Haiku best… ”standing on the tee // lurking in giants’ footsteps // wasteland surrounds green” this is evocative, especially the standing in giants’ footsteps. this really gels you, doesn’t it.

    thanks for sharing.


  3. Mama Zen says:

    That third one reminds of my husband’s family!


  4. Nice tribute to a game you love…


  5. Sharmishtha says:

    amazing photographs and haikus.


  6. kaykuala says:

    Victoria, you get to play at Pinehurst! The nearest I got were just a few hours on the Driving Range at public courses in Wisconsin years ago. Your haiku are brilliant play at linking them to what you experienced.

    P/S I’m glad you got through now despite 7 tries for JD


  7. laurie kolp says:

    My dad is a golf-aholic, but I do well to make it into the hole playing Putt-Putt. I love the second one.


  8. Victoria – even your photo blurbs were poetic. I very much enjoyed how you left golf “term” provide the pivot and build the poem out in ii and iii. They were lovely as were the pictures you posted. I hope this did kickstart your writing again. Your creativity is inspiring. Thank you so much!


  9. Gene says:

    A nice way to reflect on an experience that brought you joy. Each provides this great snapshot that you can hold onto.


  10. an advenurous word tour,

    love golf course imagery.


  11. Heaven says:

    Enjoyed the golf tour and game…nice to see you writing again.

    My share is here:


  12. Richard says:

    Golf Course

    Sand, water and rough-
    sculpt future cemeteries
    traps without escape.


  13. Steve King says:

    I’m hoping to get to Pinehurst sometime soon. These all speak to me…especially the first. Do I recall a piper walking away into the mist at the end of the memorial for Stewart?


    • Yes, I think you’re right, Steve. Hope you do get to Pinehurst. It’s amazing. We were fortunate that David won the trip…it’s an extra $175 to play course #2, but if you do get there, ya gotta do it.


  14. Lovely photos Victoria! I especially like the last one with you!


  15. Ravenblack says:

    Nice pics. Sounds like you had an awesome time.
    I am naturally drawn to the last one — picturing golfing in that kind of rain. 🙂


  16. manicddaily says:

    I love the last one of rain slicing. I can imagine slicing of some drives too.


  17. This combination of poetry and prose is like a haiga! I like it all very much, particularly the third haiku.


  18. hedgewitch says:

    Really an original take, combining the two demanding forms of golf and haiku, very skillfully, and also for a golf ignoramus like myself, engagingly. Glad you had a goof blogging break, and glad you’re back with us–and that my little tip about the cookies worked, though with blogger, you may have just gotten lucky. ;_)


  19. claudia says:

    so nice victoria…thanks for taking us to the golf course with you…have never tried this game..


  20. vivinfrance says:

    I’m glad you had a good time, partly because we get to hear about it but also because it woke up your muse! I think I could do with a break away from poetry to charge up the batteries.

    Golf was a passion of mine for a while, until the first time I broke 100, we moved to the back of beyond and I haven’t played in 40 years.


  21. I confess I know nothing about golf so if I say something idiotic ignore it. Can I get handicapped for commenting :)? I do know that a talented man dying of hypoxia at 42 in a plane crash is a terribly sad event that you handle with typical grace. I know that wasteland is used to great poetic effect. And I sort of understand why you’d want to continue golfing despite the rain (mostly because I am also often awed by nature). I’m happy to see you writing and glad to have you back at dVerse.


  22. souldipper says:

    Good for you, Veronica. I once took golf lessons thinking my attitude about it would change. I seem to think I’m holding a baseball bat and the muscle memory stays on the diamond rather than on the green! Welcome back to your delightful muse!


  23. Bodhirose says:

    I love your golf-based haiku and the photos, Victoria. You are the cutest thing! I played with a golf league for a few years and had a high handicap too but had so much fun. I did love it when I hit a good, long shot straight down the fairway!


  24. Beth says:

    FUN! I love how you shared your experience in both verse and fabulous images.



  25. siggiofmaine says:

    Enjoyed the photos and the descriptions…
    never understood golfers, but am starting to…
    have been fascinated by it…
    but til recently never understood how people could
    see where the ball landed !

    Thanks…rain and all…hope it was a fun time for you.
    ☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine


  26. Very fun reads. I love how the pic/poetry are forever tied here. Great job. Thanks for the read


  27. Ah, what fun to read these! Good for you, braving the rain! I tried golfing for a few years, took lessons, but was never very good. Finally sold my clubs to someone who would put them to better use!! Much more of a challenge than it appears, for sure!


  28. I love this. Wonderful!


  29. I’m not a golfer, but I grew up across a golf course in Thibodaux, LA, and I live now across from one in Renton, WA. Anyway, I think “rain slice” a swift, swinging pair! : )


  30. brian miller says:

    nice…i would have been golfing anyway as well…some nice shots…a challenging course…i may have broke a club or two…smiles.


  31. love it,

    you look cool 12 years ago.



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