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A bit of a tongue-in cheek offering for dVerse Poetics in which we are asked to write a Taboo poem…not something that I’m comfortable with. But here it is. Check out some more poetry to get your blood boiling at http://dversepoets.com and thanks to Sheila Moore and Kellie Elmore for shoving us out of our comfort zones.

welcome to

home of cowgirls
and cowboys
home of the
thinking folk
like me
beholden to none
no government
handouts please
wide open space
the land and the
libertarian ideas
(although I don’t
like the idea of
legalizing marijuana
I tried it once
but didn’t inhale)
personal responsibility
means not spending
money you don’t have
and caring for
those in need because
it’s the right thing
to do
welcome to nevada
if you dare
this is not
deal with it.

Nevada has always been known for its independent spirit until the last few years. Leading the pack in legalizing gambling, prostitution, strong libertarian leanings, we polled 12% for Ron Paul in the last presidential election. Recently demographics have changed. Builders over-populated our cities so that we lead the country in foreclosures. There has been an influx of people who could no longer afford life in California and who came here in search of better things but then defaulted on their loans. Nevada also leads the country in unemployment (13.4% as of Aug.2011)  since in time of economic distress, tourism is waning and tax revenues have declined. We are hurting. I’ve been here since 1993 and, yes, I’m one of those “Californicators.”

An important part of my belief system comes from the Native American tradition of respecting one another’s Sacred Point of View. Let’s do it!

28 thoughts on “Welcome to Nevada–dVerse Poetics

  1. hypercryptical says:

    Yep, good stuff. Like your thoughts.

    Anna :o]


  2. Simply the last of the west to be tamed, civilized, brought into the 21st century, brought under the umbrella of normalcy…… But there’s still Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho? Right? Well, not for long either I suppose. That’s the problem with all of the states being subservient to the umbrella federal system, where if they cross a “T” with a slant in Massachusetts, then by God, you will too! I realize it took almost 150 years for the 14th amendment to destroy….er, I mean, reach your state, and this might be a little belated, but Welcome Neighbor! Welcome to the fray of “Do what I say.” Period. And on a lighter side, “Californicator?” Really? I can imagine you suffering through a short residency in California, dear, but the “ornicator” part doesn’t fit you at all……. You just want to be a bad girl so badly, don’t you? smiles…. you are too incredibly cute for that…… 🙂


  3. Bodhirose says:

    I agree, you made your points very well and with tact in spite of your fear of insulting people and perhaps losing followers. I can’t imagine that you would.


  4. tinkwelborn says:

    Tough! n Rugged, the pioneer spirit still thrives….at least, that’s what I’m getting from your piece. I do get the last lines, interesting tidbit to tag on.
    Staunch individualism versus Progressivism, which peaked in pre-Kaliforneea.
    (interesting that Jerry Brown is gov again.)
    yes, your poem is taboo, so it counts.
    I laugh at your marijuana line -a flash to progressivism and Clinton.
    Individualism, responsibility, respect, and freedom.
    thanks for sharing.


  5. Mama Zen says:

    Great response to the prompt and great job of tackling a touchy issue.


  6. hobgoblin2011 says:

    Great job. Love the way you weaved all these aspects of society, sure they’re centered on Nevada, but much of this can apply universally it seems to me. The tone you took was perfect as well, as it wasn’t just about making a point, but also has a real entertaining vibe to it. Great job, thanks for the read


  7. hussyainy says:

    You are a real definition of inspiration.


  8. David King says:

    The significance of the final two lines escapes me, I’m afraid. The rest I loved.


    • The last two lines allude to the fact that many Nevadans perceive California transplants as trying to make Nevada into a more cosmopolitan place. Native Nevadans, especially, prize their sense of rugged individualism and resist those efforts. An example, big box stores have put a lot of small Nevada-owned operations out of business.


  9. claudia says:

    yep – let’s do it… i think you made your point in a very good way victoria…respect for this…oh and i did inhale but it didn’t bring me the freedom i thought it may would..on the contrary..


  10. I love seeing this side of everyone. Perhaps I should have had more fun with mine instead 🙂 I’ve got Cherokee in me, too. And, I’ve never understood what was so liberal about caring for others, so count me in!


  11. souldipper says:

    Victoria…am I the only one who believes you?!


  12. I wondered how you’d handle this prompt. I was terrified to participate but I’m actually having lots of fun. I love your tone, your honesty, and your open-mindedness. I never thought I’d hear you say Californication (have to admit it made my big smile broader). Thank you!.


  13. rbhexem says:

    Okay, then, As long as you didn’t inhale. I didn’t inhale, either.


  14. Sheila Moore says:

    well done, victoria! I agree with the spirit of the Native Americans (got Cherokee in my blood to boot.) oh, and I believe that you didn’t inhale. really, I do.


  15. Say it out loud! The American West is so beautiful and yet living out there is so STRANGE! I love it and I hate it and yet it feels like going home. Yep, just like family.


  16. hedgewitch says:

    Fine handling of the prompt–it would make me uncomfortable to say any of that,too.


  17. the word bar says:

    Say it loud and proud.. I really enjoyed this (go ahead admit it, you inhaled a tiny bit..:-)

    What a fun read with an important message woven within the lines!!


  18. siggiofmaine says:

    I love this…unique…well worded…thought provoking.

    Still trying to come up with something myself that I can put into words.

    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine


  19. Mike Patrick says:

    I like you style, Victoria, poem and theme. It is interesting that political correctness has gained so much strength that saying what you feel feels taboo. When did we come to this?


  20. manicddaily says:

    You and Bill C. (Ha!) Great short lines get message across.


  21. Luke Prater says:

    I tried it once but didn’t inhale.. hahaha! aaahh…


  22. zongrik says:

    you make your pet peeves loud and clear, and i love the end, since i live in CA and i’m from NYC and yeah, people from CA need to learn how to deal with it, but LOL, from NV, that’s a totally cool pun.


  23. Jamie Dedes says:

    Well, Victoria, you handled the challenge well. I appreciate your discomfort with it. The poem and narrative make a good points. I like ti … 😉


  24. brian says:

    haha i love it…though you sound a bit like bill clinton there in the middle…lol…you know, you got to know your ideals and stand on them you know…smiles. i like that belief you speak of as well…i dont think you will lose anyone over this…


  25. DW says:

    this is fabulous….if everyone thought a bit more like this, our nation might be in better shape….


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