All Hallows’ Eve–dVerse Open Link Night


Image by andy castro via Flickr

All Hallows Eve
An Acrostic

Any soul not yet at rest
Loosens the grip of uncertainty,
Leaves the abode of the dead, wanders

Here and there amongst the living.
As darkness enfolds earth’s visage
Lost spirits roam, hungering for
Love once refused, lessons to be learned.
Only those still in this realm who understand
What is required to seek fulfillment
Strive to offer hope and prayers.

Even these must wait to cross
Vast worlds and unexplained dimensions
Eventually to rest in peace.

I suspect that this will not be the only Halloween poem to be served up over at dVerse Poet’s Pub for Open Link Night:  Drop by for a treat…maybe even a trick, and enjoy some hot cider with a shot of brandy to warm you up…Brian Miller is tending bar. Be sure to bring your poetry to share with the rest of us or a hex upon you! But be assured, there is no theme; you can share whatever you want.


29 thoughts on “All Hallows’ Eve–dVerse Open Link Night

  1. Here’s mine, and the accompanying animation:

    All about us on this night
    Loft the wings of shadowed flight
    Leaping shapes with eyes that see

    Haggard hearts to destiny
    And each tongue of wisdom be
    Lifted in a litany
    Loose the shades of beasts and men
    O’er their bones to rise again
    When mummers in their pageantry
    Stir an ancient memory

    Every proffered sweet released
    Venerates our sacred feast
    Every carven pumpkin pyre

    Hollowed holds a sacred fire
    And against a darkling sky
    Leap with bonfire sparks on high
    Laugh with love that does not die
    Ours the trickster’s chance to try
    When the season finds its end
    Embers at the hearth to tend
    End of Summer long forseen
    Now we call it Halloween.


  2. kez says:

    great form, great poem really enjoyed this thank you x x x


  3. tigerbrite says:

    I have never used this structure. Must give it a try. The message came through really strong.


  4. I like the love element you’ve mixed in with the ghoulish other things. Well done!


  5. Morning says:

    reflective, glad to see peace in the end,
    Thanks for sharing,

    been kind of busy today, did not write much, glad to see you.



  6. dragonkatet says:

    My favorite holiday! You did it great justice with a well-wrought acrostic. I think acrostics are fun, though they can be challenging. Well done, V!


  7. I love your acrostic! All Hallows Eve – and you take us on a journey on the Day of the Dead in tribute and in celebration. Really well done.


  8. Victoria, this has your characteristic empathy I enjoy so much. I was just thinking about Saw Wai’s February 14th poem. It is always a pleasure to read your work.


  9. dani says:

    i’ve never written an acrostic ~ yours is perfect for the holiday. ♥


  10. hedgewitch says:

    Delightful acrostic, Victoria–as you know, I love this theme, and you paint a perfect cameo, attentive to all the details here. And that is the grue in the gruesome, our kinship with those seeking what we have and can’t give, at least in this dimension.


  11. River says:

    You explained so well with imagery and word structure. This is a format I have never tried.

    Its nice to be back too 🙂


  12. Ravenblack says:

    This is clever. It isn’t about the ghosts, I think you are talking about the dead among the living. Another way of looking at Halloween, of thinking about it.


  13. jenneandrews says:

    Lovely and light offering, Victoria– I especially loved ,, Even these must wait to cross
    Vast worlds and unexplained dimensions — I wonder if you’ve read Franz Wright’s The Beforelife? xxxxj p.s. I reviewed Tess Kincaid’s new book at my wordpress blog…xxxj


  14. kamana says:

    very cleverly done


  15. leah J. Lynn says:

    well, yours is the first Halloween poem i read this evening. It kind of sounded like real life a bit. I must say I enjoyed what I read


  16. Always liked the term All Hallows Eve, much more serious and reflective than just “Halloween.” Really enjoyed your take on your acrostic: lost souls searching for redemption so that they may cross over and find peace. Well thought and nicely done.


  17. John says:

    Victoria, so wonderfully presented…… the acrostic of course is cute, but the depth of your descriptions into the spirit world are so intense…… “hungering for love once refused…..” I certainly don’t want to be that guy……… Excellent poem…….


  18. oceangirl says:

    So much depth at different levels. I read it in your halloween voice.


  19. ayala says:

    Lovely write!


  20. the word bar says:

    The others have said what I would say.. great form and I like the way so slyly you inserted a wonderful message..

    well done and happy halloween!!!


  21. Shawna says:

    I love this section:

    “Here and there amongst the living.
    As darkness enfolds earth’s visage
    Lost spirits roam, hungering for
    Love once refused, lessons to be learned.”


  22. hobgoblin2011 says:

    Very nice Victoria- I love acrostics. Had this English teacher in fifth or sixth grade and she’d have us do one for every holiday and birthday for the kids in class- some kids weren’t so kind all the time though with that. Love the halloween acrostic-glad you chose the original name as well and love the tiny Caron reference at the end there. Very nice, thanks


  23. Heaven says:

    I like the form and the theme….you gave me my next theme to write.

    these lines resonate with me:

    Lost spirits roam, hungering for
    Love once refused, lessons to be learned.


  24. brian miller says:

    bwahaha…the world grows thin if for just a bit allowing those still waiting their turn to dance the land…or maybe that is little kids under a sheet…smiles…nice all hallows poem victoria! there is depth under there…i hope i die at peace…


  25. Wonderful write, especially with the title beginning every line. Very clever and a very good read too!


  26. Ruth says:

    Great acrostic, very natural-sounding – so many seem awkward, wooden attempts to make words fit…


  27. claudia says:

    i’m drinking fennel tea to warm me up..smiles…this is clever victoria…you packed a great message underneath this halloween cover…i drink to this..


  28. vivinfrance says:

    Clever accrostic – I simply cannot do them – and exciting Hallowe’en poem.


  29. Aurora, HSP says:

    Profoundness. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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