Driving North on I-395 in Early Morning

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Driving North on I-395 in Early Morning

Behind me, to the East,
(as I crest a summit)
sun opens his eyes,
stretches, reaches out,
grazes snow-graced peaks
of Mt. Whitney,
gilds her breasts in bronze.

Before me, in the valley,
fog spills into a bowl of milk.
I inch forward,
into a cloud of unknowing.

Earth shimmers behind
her gauzy silence,
till once again
she rips her veil
and wraps me in light.
Going home.

Joined to Gooseberry Garden where we’re invited to write about something for which we are grateful and to dVerse Poets’ Pub Open Link Night where you can write about whatever you want. For those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving, here’s a chance to gorge on poetry and friendship before the big day. Maybe then we won’t be so tempted to over-indulge when the day arrives. Happy Thanksgiving all, wherever you are. I am grateful you are a part of my life.

45 thoughts on “Driving North on I-395 in Early Morning

  1. wolfsrosebud says:

    This is lovely… so elegant


  2. brian miller says:

    happy thanksgiving victoria…i hope that you have a wonderful day surrounded by those that love you…


  3. I feel like siggiofmaine – I am grateful for you and this wonderful group of people. I hate fog in the mountains. I lived in Colorado for a while and it was like happiness when the air cleared and the mountains sprang to life in clear focus. It makes one feel like rejoicing.


  4. caty says:

    This was lovely. Reading the first stanza, I was living vicariously through your words and could feel the sun stretching out over the mountain…and what a beautiful sight it was.


  5. Beth Winter says:

    Beautiful. I love the last line. It tops the beauty off with such a welcoming warmth.


  6. I loved this poem of yours and it reminded me of an original choral composition we sang in our college choir, an ode to Sierra Nevada. I’m getting ready to go on a road trip and hope to see Mount Whitney in my travels!


  7. M.A.S says:

    That’s the prettiest description of driving I’ve ever encountered.


  8. There are so many ways to get home. This journey seems particularly magical, but you see and capture the magic in nature’s gifts in ways that most of us can’t. Beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!


  9. Tino says:

    I find myself very fortunate to have experienced some of sights like the ones you bring to life with your magic here. You deliver every single time!


  10. “…sun opens his eyes,
    stretches, reaches out,
    grazes snow-graced peaks”

    A wonderful picture you’ve painted, Victoria. I felt like I was right there in the car seeing it with you!


  11. Shiny says:

    in the valley,
    fog spills into a bowl of milk………..
    loved the imagery through out..


  12. Jamie says:

    Take out the reference to Mt Whitney and it could fit most peoples’ long journeys home – an excellent write.


  13. Dear Victoria…

    I enjoyed it so much… the images of Himalayan splendour… loved your lines…

    ‘Before me, in the valley,
    fog spills into a bowl of milk.
    I inch forward,
    into a cloud of unknowing.’

    Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay


  14. Margaret says:

    Gilda her breast in gold…you lovingly approached this one and each line got stronger. Lovely.


  15. Pat Hatt says:

    Great imagery you convey, that’s one drive I would not mind, most end with stupid traffic ticking me off..haha


  16. “fog spills into a bowl of milk” love that.


  17. David Allen says:

    Beautiful. My favorite meditation venue is behind the steering wheel of my car, just driving to somewhere — out there — and taking in everything I see, relishing the fact I am alive and so is the world.


  18. ayala says:

    A beautiful poem!


  19. Kay Salady says:

    “till once again she rips her veil and wraps me in light” Wondrous wordplay! Such a beautiful poem.


  20. Seek the Sun says:

    Great visual piece! Thanks for taking me along on the road trip.


  21. hobgoblin2011 says:

    Really like the way you painted this piece. The beauty in your observations and scenery here is wonderful as are some of the novel lines you chose for the poem. Great job, thanks


  22. brian miller says:

    nice…beautiful touches through out this piece…first i love nature so all the natural elements speak to me…the tearing back of her veil is as refreshing as the reference to home in the end…


  23. What a wonderful description of a rride to work and home again. It sounds beautiful,


  24. colleen says:

    I like sun opening his eyes and fog pouring a bowl of fog like the whole world is having breakfast.


  25. Thank you for sharing this beautiful drive with me. 🙂 I have traveled many a road that brought poetry to my page as well. The best inspiration i say! 🙂 Lovely!



  26. kez says:

    great imagery and flow ….enjoy your thanksgiving and thank you for your words x x


  27. Mohana says:

    Excellent imagery…i can see the gold on the summits, milky fog…beauty, beauty spreading her wings…


  28. Adura Ojo says:

    So lyrical. Great write, Victoria. Happy Thanksgiving!


  29. claudia says:

    oh victoria..this sounds like a beautiful ride…gilds her breasts in bronze…and fog spills into a bowl of milk…love these images..so vivid..thanks for taking us with you on the trip home..


  30. tigerbrite says:

    Lovely desriptive piece. It reminds me of when I lived in the mountains I would travel to work down to the valley with the sun rising to the right of my windscreen and sometimes, as you describe, disappear into the cloud base below me. Happy thanksgiving.


  31. jyotimishra says:

    Happy thanks giving ..
    and a big thanks 4 stopping by… u have a lovely blog 🙂

    Nice read !!


  32. Happy Thanksgiving Victoria! May you always have something to be thankful for! All the best to you and your family! Let the light of being home sparkles with love and joy!


  33. vivinfrance says:

    I was there with you. And I am grateful, too.


  34. manicddaily says:

    (PS = unpublished novel unfortunately!)


  35. manicddaily says:

    Very lovely. One can feel the light. You know there is some middle English text called the “Cloud of Unknowing.” (I know because I once wrote a novel by that name.) Like it!

    And it works so well in the poem. The cloud and sun. K.


    • Victoria says:

      Yes…I chose those words on purpose. An incredible spiritual book about not really “knowing,” about the mystery of the divine. So, girl, pull out that novel and get working on it.


  36. tinkwelborn says:

    powerful images. I can almost catch the sun yawning.
    and the earth ‘’rips’‘ her veil…wow. forceful.
    very perceptible piece from words, only words.
    very nice poem.


  37. souldipper says:

    I could feel the tension of having to enter the cloud bank – into the damp, dark and dank grip of trepidation and tremor. Thanks for bringing us home! 😀


  38. Ravenblack says:

    That sounds like an enjoyable scenic trip home. 🙂 Nice association with homely things, obviously reflecting the narrator’s thoughts.


  39. Morning says:


    Thanks for always thinking of JP and share,
    this piece is very dynamic with vivid imagery.

    safe driving,
    Happy Holiday!



  40. Before me, in the valley,
    fog spills into a bowl of milk.
    I inch forward,
    into a cloud of unknowing.

    what a marvelous drive, love the magical imagery your words bring forth.


  41. siggiofmaine says:

    I am grateful for your presence in my life.. and the presence of your wonderful words and thoughts.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


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