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Yesterday, at dVerse Poetics, Mark Kerstetter invited us to go wild. An image of Basquiat’s work prompted me to visit another contemporary artist, Michael Sarich, who is an art professor here at the University of Nevada, Reno and who, a couple of years ago, had a feature exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art. His work is packed with symbolism. To better understand my poem, check out this link to our museum’s Docent Depot.







ou plunge
deep into water,
touch creative
wild visions
of truth.

you draw with-
in, find meaning,
reach out,
in cultural currents.
religious icon-
with Mickey
Mouse idealization.

Grasp hold of that beach
ball, keep afloat
in seas of abuse,
confused ex-
pression of
paternal lov-
ing fury.

Too bad Hitler
of well-

snuggle in your nest
fight demons
that threaten to
your work, your
(Yours truly), BE-

Michael is fighting a degenerative neurological disorder. This doesn’t keep him from conducting classes and continuing to pursue his work. I had the privilege of attending a one-day drawing class that he gave at the museum during the exhibit.

12 thoughts on “Sarich–dVerse Poetics

  1. claudia says:

    intriguing write and he seems to be an intriguing man as well…love what you did with the line breaks and capital letters.. kept staring back at his eyes while reading… so just wondering…are these your paintings then or his on your post…? if they are yours, i hold my breath in awe..


    • Victoria says:

      They are his, Claudia. And, yes, they do inspire awe. He works in many media…I love his sculptures as well. I would love to be able to do what he does, but I’m way too constrained, I’m afraid. Coincidentally, this morning I received an invite to an opening of his work in a gallery here in Reno. Hope I’ll be able to make it.


  2. Luke Prater says:

    Innovative formatting, fine phrasing as ever, but what strikes more than those things is the tribute aspect here. Felt


  3. love you de-WORDS,

    creative job.



  4. vivinfrance says:

    “wild visions
    of truth” sums it up to perfection.


  5. munchow says:

    A great post and a quite a tribute. I didn’t know anything about Michael Sarich’s work. Thanks for both your own writing as well as pointing to him. The drawings in the post I find to be quite extraordinary beautiful.


  6. kaykuala says:

    Wonderfully presented and a wonderful tribute. He’s doing a good job at it.



  7. zongrik says:

    snuggle in your nest
    fight demons -> really nice contrast


  8. Sarich’s work is really nice – I’m drawn to the skull with the red fish.

    I like this part:

    you draw with-
    in, find meaning,
    reach out,
    in cultural currents.

    This passage seems to describe the artist’s work and at the same time says something more universal about how contemporary artists function.


  9. souldipper says:

    Victoria, you adeptly captured so many points that grabbed my attention in the linked article. Michael’s work gives me a sense of his having so much to say that he is almost bursting. Thankfully, he can continue to work!

    I have a friend with Spinal Cellabelleum Ataxia. She decided to turn it into the impetus for her to have her own business which she can manage from home. She’s doing it, too – a pest control company.

    I adore the strength of the human spirit.


  10. brian says:

    that threaten to de-story your work..some really fine word play and line breaks through out this victoria…and i need to look further into his work. i really like what you have shown and his sotry intrigues me as well…


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