Photo: V. Ceretto-Slotto


If only Autumn
would not go away
so soon.
If Winter
would hold back
and not rush in to
fold us in
her gray embrace.

If we could just
go back in time
to summer days
and love beneath
a canopy of stars.

But youth evades us now
and so we settle in
and wait.

Hey, I’m going to dVerse Poets’ Pub for Open Link Night in an attempt to shake off this gloom. Hope to see YOU and your poetry there. Can’t wait!

32 thoughts on “Waning

  1. clariice says:

    I have always enjoyed seasonal poems and seeing your particular prose being delivered in a different light does open my eyes to a different style of poetry.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Yousei Hime says:

    You know it really did feel like winter was in a hurry this year. I enjoyed this very much, sitting in front of our nice toasty fire this evening. 😉


  3. Laurie Kolp says:

    Beautiful metaphor… love the ending!


  4. morning says:

    truthful sentiments.

    beautifully done.


  5. Dear Victoria

    yes at the sunset of time, when you are more aware of being you end up thinking what we did and what we did not… I enjoyed your thoughts here very much and could relate to it … Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay


  6. Divya says:

    Dunno where my comment went :0 so writing again..
    Its so true that we always wish to turn back events and there is so much joy in wishing that 🙂
    But dear victoria.. youth shall never evade you as you are the one with such strong spirit 🙂


  7. Divya says:

    Oh lovely.. and so true.. wish we could change back times . or we had H.G Wells Time Machine 🙂
    But youth never evades anyone who has a strong spirit like you Victoria 🙂


  8. Love the metaphor… there is beauty in winter, in the graying.


  9. Ruth says:

    oh lovely – I know these if only’s too well,
    and they give us great stories to tell –
    or a wonderful poem, in your case…
    I hope we can do more than just wait, though 🙂


  10. tinkwelborn says:

    excellent, metaphorically.
    it just drops away.
    very nice poem.


  11. Sheila Moore says:

    lovely – she indeed has a gray embrace, both winter and age I suppose.


  12. zongrik says:

    ah, but sometimes, for some people, there really isn’t much to go back to


  13. I suppose fall is an allegory for the latter years of life. I don’t tend to think of it that way, but I can see how it is easy to see the life cycle in the nature’s cycle. Your poem makes it so clear. Although, I don’t long for the summer in either the literal or figurative sense. I don’t ever want to go back…


  14. As I started reading I thought this was a piece on seasons. I love the last stanza:

    But youth evades us now
    and so we settle in
    and wait.

    Seasons, yes, but seasons of our life. Wonderfully put! Youth is evading, I can relate:-)


  15. vivinfrance says:

    If only wishing would make it so. A sweet if somewhat gloomy poem!


  16. Beautiful… and meaningful!


  17. rallentanda says:

    Oh Victoria…winter is lovely…enjoy!


  18. jenneandrews says:

    Simple, lyrical, elegant and beautiful, Victoria! xxxj


  19. ManicDdaily says:

    Oh dear! Can’t we settle in and DANCE?????


    No, you are right.

    Lovely poem.



  20. kaykuala says:

    Gloom or not, not so for us here, Victoria! We have no winter our part of the world. Winter would be fun!



  21. Mary says:

    Victoria, I hear you. I consider myself in autumn, heading toward winter. I resist winter…and lord, I wish I had appreciated summer when I had it. But does one ever really appreciate the summers of one’s life? I wonder.


  22. Heaven says:

    I would love to go back too in time…still I think I am a better and stronger person than before…enjoyed your reflection ~


  23. ayala says:

    If we could go back…would we want to…the seasons of life and getting older…beautifully written!


  24. brian miller says:

    nice victoria…it works as a great metaphor for aging and winter does come far too early for some…and yes ifonly we could go back tot he energy and passion of our youth….


  25. claudia says:

    sometimes i would love to go back…sometimes i’m just glad to move on… the seasons of life..each has their beauty i think and their dark sides… love the settling in at the end.. sounds like yes..


  26. Steve King says:

    If, if, if…I know the feeling! This has a very elegaic quality. Very nice.


  27. Emily says:

    Ah, wistful. I like this a lot, even though I’m one of those rare birds who love the winter.


  28. Pat Hatt says:

    Or if it has to leave us behind, maybe it would not mind, hopping ahead really really fast. Bringing on spring and leaving winter in the past.


  29. Oh, I am soooo with you on not wanting winter to arrive, in all ways! but, I suppose we need all the seasons to come and go exactly as they do to bring forth new life. Lovely prose.


  30. apoetryman says:

    Ah what a lovely image of the passing of time ~ how much we would love it to slow as it catches us ~ lovely


  31. Oh I adore this! I wrote one about the same feelings, how I wish fall would leave us (me and summer) be and let us have a little longer in the moment. So many sweet things seem to happen in the summer months, especially those young summer days that we never forget. Lovely pen, Victoria! ♥



  32. Mohana says:

    “But youth evades us now
    and so we settle in
    and wait.”


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